A Lot Of Time Or Times

What is required in your student"s sentence is a continuous length of time, as you rightly pointed out, since the reference is to an extent not khổng lồ a quantity.

Bạn đang xem: A lot of time or times

They watched cartoons for a long time.

We don"t say:

That is a much ladder. ungrammatical


That is a long ladder.

And we don"t say:

That is a long of money! ungrammatical


That is a lot of money!

Yet it is possible lớn speak of time as a quantity that can be divided:

When they were on vacation it rained all week, so they watched cartoons for much of the time.

cảnh báo the use of the article the, which refers to a specific chunk of time. much of the time refers lớn a portion of that specific amount of time.

So, your student needs khổng lồ understvà the semantic difference between extent & amount.

Have sầu a long of fun explaining it!

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Wcheap-kenya-vacation-tips.com, actually, the best option would be to say,

They watch cartoons a lot.

"They watch cartoons for a long time" sounds a bit strange because "for a long time" implies some specific instance of something happening while Present Simple implies that something is happening regularly.

One could say,

They watch cartoons for long stretches of time.

"For a long time" would be correct in sentences lượt thích this,

— For a long time, this method was considered to be one of the best ones available.

— She has been ignoring me for a long time.

lưu ý how in both cases we are speaking about a single instance of something—a single situation.

"A lot of time" would be correct in the following sentences,

— A lot of time has been wasted.

— I don"t have sầu a lot of time.

Xem thêm: Như Thế Nào Là " Bướm Con Gái Như Thế Nào Là "Bướm" Đẹp ? Tiêu Chí Đánh Giá

chú ý that "a lot of time" is not an adverbial with a temporal meaning in either of these cases. It is a subject or an object.

(And, "for a lot of time" is obviously wrong.)

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To bởi vì something a lot of the time. means in terms of one"s overall time.a lot of the time means the time I have available lớn me.

It"s idiomatic. It"s the same as: A watch cartoons a lot, that is: often.

BUT: I watched cartoons for a long time , now I don"t. .

I spkết thúc a lot of time watching cartoons.

In that one (above), a lot of time is similar to lớn much time, but idiomatically we say a lot of time and tkết thúc not lớn use much time. Much time is used in questions.

Do you spover much time watching cartoons?Yes, I vì chưng. I watch them a lot.

I have left out the grammar here.

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