How lớn activate Windows 7 Enterprise without hàng hóa key

I will show you in this article.

I also sell cheap Windows 7 Enterprise product key ($25/key). If you want to lớn buy it you can visit:

You can read these articles khổng lồ know:

Step 1: You visit

Step 2: You copy the code above into a new text document


Step 3: you choose “Save As” to lớn save it as a batch tệp tin, name “1cliông xã.cmd”


Step 4: You Run the batch tệp tin as administrator


You can see the result


You can watch this video clip to lớn know more:

With this method you can activate :

Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Enterprise NWindows 7 Enterprise E

You can use Windows Loader or Microsoft Toolkit to lớn activate Windows 7 Enterprise.

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