New and enhanced features

The July 2018 và October 2017 releases of Bridge CC roll out exciting new features for designers, digital photographers, & creative professionals. Read on for a quiông chồng introduction lớn these features và links khổng lồ resources offering more information.

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For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Bridge, see Feature summary | Bridge CC| earlier releases.

New in the July 2018 release of Bridge CC

Bridge CC now comes integrated with Creative sầu Cloud Libraries. Creative sầu Cloud Libraries help you organize, browse, and access creative sầu assets. For example, you may want to create a Creative sầu Cloud Library that contains all the components most frequently used in a specific project.

Linked assets: Edit once - update everywhere.Always use the lachạy thử iteration or version of your asset with linked assets. No matter where your asphối is used, if you edit the library copy, all your projects are updated with the edited asmix. CreativeSync ensures that you get the right and updated asset – each time you reuse assets across desktop & Mobile projects. Ever ywhere access. All the time.Your libraries are available from within various Creative Cloud desktop apps like Bridge, Photocửa hàng, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Creative Cloud Assets and điện thoại apps like Comp và Draw — even when you’re offline. Share and collaborate.

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Share assets và components from your libraries with other users. Allow others khổng lồ work with items in your shared libraries, or tóm tắt them with more users. Ensure consistency across projects with comtháng assets lượt thích graphics, colors, character styling, or style guides. Stock integration.The new Stock service provides you with access to lớn 50 million high-chất lượng, royalty-không lấy phí images, videos, và graphics. Using the Libraries panel, navigate khổng lồ, license, & use images và graphics right from within Illustrator. Organize.Categorize components inlớn libraries that are meaningful to your workflows và creative projects. The right asphối. Every time.Reuse assets across desktop và Smartphone projects without worrying that you’ll grab the wrong versions or that you’ll delete or overwrite by mistake. Easily save sầu lớn Creative sầu Cloud Libraries.Save assets directly to lớn your libraries from File Explorer/Finder or from Photosiêu thị, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, và Mobile apps và services like Shape, Brush, Color, Comp, and Hue.

To access Creative Cloud Libraries from Bridge, vày one of the following:

Choose the Libraries workspace from the workspace danh sách in the Application bar or choose Window > Workspace > Libraries. xuất hiện the Libraries panel in any other workspace by choosing Window > Libraries.