Air Live Drive

Your clouds as local disks

Connect your clouds as disk drives on your computer và work with the clouds as local disks.

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Multiple clouds supported

Air Live sầu Drive works with the most important clouds và can add multiple accounts from the same cloud. Each tài khoản becomes a disk drive sầu on your computer.

Save sầu space on your hard drive

Work online without duplicating your clouds on your computer and save sầu space on your hard drive sầu.

Free version

Work with the free version & know the software.Get the Pro version lớn complete the experience.

Work without synchronizing

Work directly with the files in the cloud avoiding the synchronization process.

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Clouds supported by Air Live Drive

OneDrive sầu, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Yandex, Naver, Hidrive,, WebDAV,, Adrive, Magenta Cloud, Stachồng Storage, Datto Drive, pCloud, SharePoint Online, Opendrive sầu, BackbLaser, Koofr, Owndrive sầu, Nextcloud, FTPhường, FTPS and SFTP

Air Live Drive supports the best cloud servers

Background uploads

Optional system of uploads in the background so you don"t have sầu to wait for uploading the file khổng lồ continue working.

Windows integration

Menu in Windows Explorer khổng lồ "create shared link", "open in browser" và "watch video" for cloud files.

Complete your experience

For a multi-cloud tệp tin manager và synchronization tool, we recommkết thúc the brother program Air Explorer. And with Air Cluster, you can join all your clouds and create a single cloud.

Pro Version

Get all the functions of Air Live Drive sầu with the Pro version for 1 year or Lifetime (1 license per device).

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