Apply To Or Apply For?

Selection of applicants for undergraduate courses will be based on academic merit. Due to keen competition for limited vacancies, the choice order of courses will also determine the selection outcome. Hence, applicants are advised to list out their course choices in their order of preference.

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Singapore-Cambridge GCE "A" Level

Application for admission in Academic Year 2021-2022 has closed.

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Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore

Application for admission in Academic Year 2021-2022 has closed.

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Who should use this form

The online application size for Polytechnic Diploma holder is meant for:

Applicants (regardless of nationality) presenting a diploma from one of the local polytechnics in Singapore. This includes full-time National Servicemen (NSF) with local polytechnic diplomas, who have sầu a course reserved in & wish to lớn apply for a change of course.

Do not use this khung if you are:

Presenting an international diploma or one that was obtained from a private institution. Presenting the Singapore-Cambridge CGE "A" Level examination results. Presenting an International qualification. A current or former undergraduate or graduate student applying for a change in course, transfer, or admission.

Submitting a complete application

A complete application consists of the following:

Submission of online application Electronic submission of supporting documents

Application form

Applicants are allowed khổng lồ submit only one application online as duplicate applications will not be considered. Forms which are downloaded và printed from our trang web will not be accepted. An acknowledgement screen showing your 8-digit application number will be displayed if your online application has been successfully submitted. You should save sầu or print a copy of the acknowledgement page for future reference. Necessary preparation before filling in the online form:

To cut down on your application time, you are advised khổng lồ have sầu the following documents ready for reference:

Polytechnic results – To count the number of grades obtained and/or indicate cumulative GPA for all semesters or first 5 semesters Secondary cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.comcation results – To fill in subjects and grades for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level results; SPM results (if applicable) ITE certificate (if applicable) High School cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.comcation Results (if applicable; especially for international qualifications) Essay of 2000 characters (approximately 300 words) under Outstanding Achievement section. It is advisable that you craft your essay in word document first before copying it inkhổng lồ this section. This section is an opportunity for you lớn menu the activities/ achievements that you have been involved/ attained besides your academic work. If you choose not to fill in this section, you will not be considered under the Aptitude-Based Admissions Scheme. National Service documents (male applicants only/if applicable) - Date of Enlistment and Operationally Ready Date

It takes about 15 lớn đôi mươi minutes lớn complete the online size if you have the above documents ready on hvà before applying.

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Electronic Submission of Supporting documents

Supporting documents can be submitted in 2 phases: core documents will need to be submitted as part of the application khung, while any additional supporting documents can be submitted via the Online Application Status Facility.

Before beginning your application, please prepare the following documents in soft copy format (only .jpg, .jpeg & .pdf formats accepted):

Complete mix of polytechnic examination results (or first 5 semester results for current final semester student), consolidated inlớn 1 tệp tin. The results have khổng lồ be official documents taken from polytechnic trang web with your polytechnic name indicated on the results or transcripts. The university does not accept results without the polytechnic name or unofficial copies. Secondary School / Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level results (all sittings) / SPM results (if applicable) ITE certificate / Singapore-Cambridge GCE "N" Level result / Polytechnic Foundation Programme examination results / certificate (if applicable) High School Examinations / Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level results (if applicable) Diploma Plus Programme certificate / transcript (if applicable) Certificate of Merit (if applicable, only for those graduated students) Additional result slips e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, APhường, SAT và SAT Subject Tests (if applicable) NRIC (front & back)/ Birth Certificate / Passport Re-entry permit if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident Medical reports if you have sầu or had any major illnesses or disabilities (if applicable) Criminal records (if applicable)

Please refer to the sample of the required documents at the following links:

Additional supporting documents, such as documents related khổng lồ your Achievements, can be submitted to the Office of Admission via the Online Application Status Facility after you have sầu submitted your application size.

Please note the following before you upload additional documents through the Online Application Status Facility:

Ensure the documents are in upright or portrait orientation. Save sầu all documents lớn a single .Zip tệp tin & upload it at the Online Application Status Facility. Ensure your .Zip tệp tin is correct & does not exceed 2 MB as the option for viewing the uploaded file after submission is unavailable. Ensure submission of documents by 21 February as only complete application will be considered. You are not required lớn mail or fax your documents after you have uploaded your documents. Unless requested by the Office, submission through gmail is not required; please also do not re-upload the documents after you have successfully uploaded the first round as duplicate submissions may slow down the application processing process.

More instructions are provided in the Online Application Status Facility.

You may check if your supporting documents have sầu been received through the online status enquiry 3 – 5 work days after you have submitted the documents online.

Full-time National Service status

Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents who are or will be serving or had served full-time National Service in Singapore should indicate their full-time national service status on the online application khung accordingly. If you are waiting to lớn be enlisted for NS, please vị not choose your NS status as “NOT APPLICABLE” in the online size. Please choose your NS status as “Registered/Waiting to lớn be enlisted” instead. Those who have registered but have not enlisted or have sầu not yet been notified lớn endanh mục need not provide the date of enlistment and/or ORD in the application khung. However should you have registered at any point in time, you should inform the Office of Admissions immediately.

You are required khổng lồ indicate your Enlistment Date và ORD if you have sầu chosen the following NS status:


You are required khổng lồ indicate your Enlistment Date if you have sầu chosen the following NS status:


If you are exempted from NS, please choose ‘EXEMPTED’ and you are required khổng lồ send the necessary documents (endorsed by MINDEF) khổng lồ Office of Admissions for our processing.