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gọi of Duty: World at War - torrent tải về - means khổng lồ completely immerse yourself in the world of the game. This is a multi-platsize game for the computer. The shooter genre allows you lớn play in the first person. The American development company has released the fifth game in this series. This is the penultimate version of the Second World War.

Description of hotline of Duty: World at War download torrent

Game Hotline of Duty: World at War released in Fall 2008 for six target platforms. At the same time, it became freely available for buyers of the Internet service Steam.

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The plot of the game is based on a return khổng lồ the events of World War II in Europe. Added a Pacific Plan to the theater of operations, bringing a new theme khổng lồ the Axis Alliance - the Empire of nhật bản.

The release of the first day brought more than a million copies sold. At that time, only the FIFA 09 sports simulator was ahead.

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The new version completes the CoD sub-series that took place during the Second World War. There is nothing surprising in the desire of fans hotline of Duty: World at War download torrent. The Pearl Harbor attaông chồng acts as the beginning of the storyline. This is the event that made America forced to participate in hostilities. The Japanese take in the capture of the Marine Miller, who acts as the main character. Now for the next several missions, he will resist Japanese soldiers along with the United States Army. The popular shooter invites us to lớn feel like another character, Private Petrenko, who belongs to the Red Army. Russian missions are based on military action and opposition lớn the Germans.

Features Gọi of Duty: World at War tải về torrent

Advantages of the popular version:

variety of single player chiến dịch. The player can carry out a battle against nhật bản and Germany. For the successful passage of missions, it is necessary to apply caution, stealth và accuracy;cooperative mode. It is much more interesting khổng lồ complete missions if a friover comes khổng lồ the rescue. The developers have provided a split screen for two players. An online connection can bring four gamers together. This game format was first implemented in this series;multiplayer game mode. The series features multiplayer with a variety of exciting modes.

To get unforgettable emotions, compete with foreign enemies, you must điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: World at War download torrent right now. To vị this, simply click the button below to start downloading.

Game info

Year:2008Genre:kích hoạt GamesDeveloper:TreyarchVersion:1.7.1263 Full (Last)Interface language:English,RussianTablet:Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system:Windows XPhường, Vista, Xnumx, Xnumx, XnumxProcessor:Pentium 4Memory:512MbVideo card:256MB Clip memoryHard Drive Memory:8Gb