Writing for The Supreme Editor"My heart overflows with a good theme;I address my verses to the King;my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." ~ Psalm 45:1

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In real time you can usually find me in my writing studio. It is in my home page which I hotline "Eagle Summit" in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia pictured above sầu.

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I'm Leomãng cầu Choy và I'm passionate about sharing my experience of creative writing with YOU.

Whether you're an aspiring Christian writer or an already published author, young or a late bloomer in your 70's or above, it's never too early or too late lớn pursue your writing dreams. I'm here for you.

I've sầu had decades of editorial writing, teaching writers' workshops, conference presenting, publishing and radio broadcast production.

I've written, collaborated, ghosted, edited và published more than 45 books through both royalty publishers & indie self-publishing.

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It didn't happen overnight! I was in my mid-twenties, exhausted, with three toddlers in tow returning from the mission field when I experienced the sweat và thrill of seeing my first piece of writing published in a giveaway Sunday School paper. No payment, but oh, how sweet khổng lồ see my byline! Read the whole story in ABOUT LEONA.

I knew God was calling me lớn write for Hyên ổn. A long road lay ahead. For the past 26 years I've sầu been Executive Director of Golden Morning Publishing, our indie ministry. We've produced close khổng lồ 30 books, my own and also those of other authors. As your cheerleader-coach, I'd love khổng lồ nói qua YOUR sweat and thrill to lớn see you become published.

THERE'S MORE! Writers can arrange for a không tính phí “Jump Start” consultation with me by email lớn explore your goals. For in-depth personalized assistance, I offer what I điện thoại tư vấn “Stage Coaching” khổng lồ work with you lớn reach the next màn chơi in your writing.

I feel a special connection with my many readers. I'm eager to lớn tell you the back-stories of how và why I've sầu written each book. I always have sầu more than one book in process. On this site I'm giving you exclusive sầu sneak-peeks of what's next on my publishing schedule.

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