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something that interrupts a series of events, usually intentionally because they are developing in a harmful way:
For the last two years, the Democratic Senate majority had provided a circuit-breaker for the House Speaker"s conservative initiatives.

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a fixed period of time in which people are not allowed to leave sầu their homes or travel freely, in order lớn try & stop the spread of a dangerous disease:
The leader of the opposition called for a two-week circuit breaker to lớn arrest the spike in the pandemic.
a piece of equipment that stops the flow of an electric current, used to prsự kiện damage lớn the wires & equipment that are connected to lớn it:
a rule that temporarily stops trade on a stoông xã market or closes it when prices go down lớn a particular level too quickly:
The Thủ đô New York Stoông chồng Exchange instituted circuit breakers to lớn reduce volatility & promote investor confidence.
There are three circuit-breaker thresholds—10%, 20%, và 30%— calculated at the beginning of each quarter.
Checking the internal behavior of a circuit breaker implies the use of expertise that is independent of any expertise about the internal behavior of a protective sầu relay.
He went out lớn the compound & climbed on to lớn a circuit breaker inlớn which 30,000 volts were flowing.
If one tried to lớn protect the ring main circuit with a residual circuit breaker, the slighkiểm tra leak on the total circuit would trip the whole of the ring main.
This allows delicate electronics equipment to be connected to lớn an independent circuit breaker, usually including a surge protector or an uninterruptible power supply backup.
This consists of a single pantograph, a potential divider, a vacuum circuit breaker, a surge diverter and the main transformers high voltage terminal.
The charging station socket is dead if no vehicle is present; the pilot pin in the plug on the charger side controls the circuit breaker.
A circuit breaker contains an element that heats, bends & triggers a spring which shuts the circuit down.
For instance, during a storm if a tree falls on a line, the system shuts itself down, similar to lớn a circuit breaker.
The blow-out of the arc is made as in a puffer circuit breaker thanks khổng lồ the compression of the gas obtained by the piston action.
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