Dapatkan gratis easy recovery essentials windows, tools untuk memperbaiki windows

Say goodbye lớn the xanh screens because we've sầu created the ultimate system recovery CD, painstakingly engineered khổng lồ automatically find & fix problems preventing your PC from starting up or working correctly.

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Supports all PCs & laptops

Easy Recovery Essentials is compatible with all Windows® PCs và laptops, & is guaranteed to lớn work with your computer.

It's the only repair solution that natively supports UEFI, and the lademo update features full tư vấn for Windows 10 (including update 21H1), as well as Windows XP., Vista, 7, 8, và 8.1. (EasyRE Server Edition can also repair Windows Server 2003 through 2019).


Download a copy of EasyRE lớn any PC or Mac, saving it to lớn a CD or USB. We even have sầu video clip tutorials showing you how!


Start the PC that needs fixing from the EasyRE CD/USB (which will work even if you normally can't start your PC).


Watch as EasyRE scans your PC and displays a list of recovery options. All you have to lớn vày is cliông xã ‘begin’.

EasyRE automatically searches for problems and fixes them. When it's done, just reboot your PC và you're good to lớn go!

We've sầu been working on system utilities, backup solutions, & disaster recovery for the past 15 years, & we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. 10 years ago, we realized that the traditional approaches khổng lồ system recovery just weren't good enough, & mix about trying to lớn come up with something better.

With Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows, we've created something different: a recovery solution that first understands your computer, then fixes it. Unlượt thích other products, EasyRE methodically tests and validates each component in your system, simulating the boot process và identifying where things go wrong.

It's not possible to fix something without first understanding how it works – & the way a PC works is vastly more complicated than most people realize. In the process of developing Easy Recovery Essentials, we"ve published a number of articles & research papers covering the details of the system boot process.

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As a result of this retìm kiếm, we"ve sầu developed a patented method of system recovery that starts by testing each stage of the PC boot process & simulating the results, starting with your hardware và making its way up. At each point, EasyRE verifies that the software or hardware components are functioning correctly và working as intended. Anything that isn"t working as intended is logged and reported, & a number of different approaches for repair & recovery are attempted.

By understanding not just each, individual component but also how they all fit together as a whole, EasyRE is even able lớn implement workarounds and fallbacks, which is why EasyRE can repair computers that other software can't.

Dropping your PC off at the Geek Squad® or your local PC repair store before you leave for work and picking it up on your way home page may seem like a good idea — but our research shows that over 85% of PC repairs result in a complete format và restore. We know your data is valuable & that you'd vị anything lớn keep it safe — that's why EasyRE is explicitly designed with non-destructive sầu repair in mind. Fix your PC, don't nuke it.

It's our opinion that there's no point in having the best và most-capable repair software ever created if it's not easily accessible or too difficult lớn use. All you need to lớn use EasyRE is access to lớn a working PC or Mac, from where you can copy EasyRE khổng lồ a CD or USB. The EasyRE CD/USB is plugged inkhổng lồ the PC that doesn't work, và the rest happens virtually automatically.

Once your damaged PC is booted from the EasyRE CD or USB, it automatically starts looking for Microsoft Windows® installations and presents you with a thực đơn featuring a các mục of possible recovery actions. You have the option of performing a patented one-click repair™ or scanning for viruses, as well as access to lớn advanced system recovery tools & utilities.

The EasyRE recovery environment lets you access your files and documents for backup to lớn make sure your data is safe, và even gives you access khổng lồ a web browser if you need khổng lồ email yourself a tệp tin or look something up.

cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.com Technologies' software is used and recommended by the most respected names in the industry, and has had the distinct honor of helping fix the world's PCs for the past decade.

Home Edition Professional Edition Server Edition Technicians' Edition
One-cliông chồng Windows® Repair™
Hardware testing và Diagnostics
System Rollbaông xã và Restore
File backup và recovery
Web browser
Antivirus scanner
Partition editor
Windows Business & Enterprise support
Windows Server support
Repair multiple computers