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value added tax (= a type of tax in European countries that is paid by the person who buys goods and services)
abbreviation for Value Added Tax: a tax that is paid at each stage in the production of goods or services, và by the final customer. Businesses in the production process take away the cost of inputs (= labour, materials, etc.) from the cost of outputs (= products và services sold) to calculate the amount that they must pay:
The papermaker who employed four vats lost one hundred production days per year, and squandered cartloads of coal warming the pulp in idle vessels.
This is not credible: surely you are better off as a happy brain in a vat or brainwashing victyên ổn than as an unhappy one.
The discovery và use of arsenical solutions in dipping vats for treating cattle to protect them against ticks revolutionized tiông chồng và tick-borne disease control programmes.
Devices such as hand-held sprayers, spray races or dipping vats were used as means khổng lồ deliver treatments lớn cattle.
A century of experience with dipping vats has provided solutions lớn many problems that confound the success of cattle dipping operations.
It will also be possible to regulate in respect of materials intended khổng lồ come into lớn tương tác with foods, from cling-film khổng lồ brewers" vats.
The impression it gave to lớn the general public was that it was a suggestion of some vintage of wine or vat of spirits.
Penguins were herded up a ramp & had khổng lồ jump into lớn a vat where they were being rendered down for oil.

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