Genymotion Desktop 3

We are pleased khổng lồ announce the release of Desktop 3.2.0, our Android emulator for Windows, macOS và Linux. This article presents the most notable changes for this release.

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GPX replay Desktop has been able lớn simulate GPS coordinates for a long time, but manually moving your virtual device around the world gets tedious really fast, & usually does not result in realistic movements.

With Desktop 3.2.0 you can now replay real-life movements recorded in GPX files. This new feature makes it easier for you khổng lồ debug your GPS-enabled application, or whatever idea you come up with which requires simulating the realistic movement of an Android device (we’d love lớn hear what you are using this feature for, by the way!)

Recorded GPX traces can be long to replay, but Desktop GPS widget comes with two handy features to go right khổng lồ the interesting parts of a trace: First you have sầu adjustable trả lời speed, from 1x khổng lồ 5x. Second, a slider lets you fast-forward or rewind bachồng to lớn the portion of the trace you care about.


OpenGL ES 3.0

We now tư vấn OpenGL ES 3.0, so you can run more games or GPU-intensive sầu applications!


Real multitouch support

If you have a touch screen, you can now send proper multitouch events, including gestures lượt thích pinch to lớn zoom. You can now get creative sầu with drawing apps:


Material facelift

The Player user interface has received a Material facelift, giving it a more modern appearance. We hope you like it!


OpenGL accelerated GPS maps widget

The GPS widget bản đồ now uses OpenGL for rendering: maps are now crisper, zoom is smoother, and texts are always correctly oriented.

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Simplified tool integrations Desktop comes with gmtool, a powerful device management command-line tool, but until now all its comm& required a license to use it, making it a no-go for tool integrations. This means that khổng lồ integrate Desktop inlớn your tool, you had to lớn parse VirtualBox command-line tool output, filter out virtual machines, và use internal commands lớn start a device. That is tedious & could prove unreliable.

With Desktop 3.2.0, we lifted some of the restrictions on gmtool, making it possible lớn use it to lớn danh mục, start and stop virtual devices, even for users without a license. This should make it simpler for everyone lớn integrate Desktop in your favorite tool.

By the way, did you know that there are Desktop plugins for Android Studio, Eclipse & VS Code?

There is more

You can find all those changes and a few others in Desktop 3.2.0 release notes.