From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Foodpicnicpic‧nic1 /ˈpɪknɪk/ ●●● S3 noun    1
DFMEALif you have a picnic, you take food and eat it outdoors, especially in the country  We decided to have a picnic down by the lake.go on/for a picnic  We could go on a picnic today.

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 a picnic table  There is miễn phí parking for visitors, as well as a restaurant và picnic area (=a special area with tables where people can have sầu a picnic).picnic site/spot/place (=a place that is suitable or pleasant for a picnic)  We found a lovely picnic spot by the river.picnic basket/hamper (=a container in which you can carry food for a picnic) ► Don’t say ‘do a picnic’ or ‘make a picnic’. Say have sầu a picnic. 2 DF British English the food that you take to lớn eat outdoors on a picnic  We’ll take a picnic with us.picnic lunch/tea/supper  We ate our picnic lunch by the river.3 → be no picnicCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a picnicThey were having a picnic on the beach.go on/go for a picnicIf it’s fine, we’ll go for a picnic.picnic + NOUNa picnic area/site (=a special area with tables where people can have picnics)There is a picnic area next to lớn the car park.a picnic spot/place (=a place that is suitable for a picnic)We found a beautiful picnic spot.a picnic tablea picnic basket/hamper (=a container in which you carry food for a picnic) Examples from the Corpuspicnic• This isn"t going khổng lồ be a picnic, if I know the press.• It was a beautiful day - we had a picnic by the river.• Let"s have sầu a picnic Sunday afternoon.• Paông xã a picnic lunch và head for the country.• Some campgrounds provide a picnic table right outside your door.• We took a picnic down to the beach.• Since then much has been done lớn improve sầu and protect the area including a new information and exhibition centre and picnic areas.• They were easy, scenic and had plenty of beautiful picnic spots.• Until there we are on the bare boards downstairs, with candles and Calorgas and a deli picnic on a paper plate.• Wherever this train will go on its next run, there will be open space for picnics and baseball.• We ended up buying a cheap gas picnic stove sầu for which cartridges were sold everywhere - và luckily it did us proud.• Climb lớn the summit of even an inaccessible peak & you will find a jolly picnic các buổi party already up there before you.• In summer, we sometimes go on picnics together.• You can see families on outings alongside the drive below you, looking lượt thích ants at their own picnic. have ... picnic• Walk the farm & orchards trails and have a picnic under the hãng apple trees.• Its grounds have picnic areas, river boats, swimming pools & playgrounds.• It was there in order that people might have a picnic by a monument, on just such a day as this.• I was just going khổng lồ have sầu a picnic.

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take ... picnic• Break your journey, take a picnic, or follow a way-marked walk.• Sara & Jenny arrived just before lunch at Moorlake, taking a picnic meal with them.Related topics: Foodpicnicpicnic2 verb (picnicked, picnicking)    DFMEALto have a picnic  We picnicked on the beach. —picnicker noun  The area is very popular with picnickers.→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpuspicnic• A few miles outside Idar I found a meadow by the side of the Nahe where I could picnic.• There were also numerous places at which khổng lồ eat, and places to lớn picnic, and wonderful car parking arrangements.• Perhaps they used lớn picnic here, Sabine thought.• There are pleasant waterside and wooded areas lớn picnic in and extensive sầu play areas for children.• A family picnics in the grass.• Several young couples were picnicking on the beach.Origin picnic1 (1700-1800) French pique-nique
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