Apa arti "to go to the movies" dalam bahasa indonesia

Why vị we use Do you ever go lớn the movies? và not Do you ever go khổng lồ a movie? Is the latter also correct?


Per the Macmillan Dictionary, the movies refers specifically to "movies as a size of entertainment," or, secondarily, "the industry involved in making movies."

(In the British version of Macmillan, the movies refers to lớn "the cinema or the film industry.")


"Movies" is short for "moving pictures". Since "moving pictures" was plural, its short size was naturally also plural.

In the early days of its use, moving pictures was commonly used in plural khung to lớn refer to a single film; for example, the OED has:

1897 Sketch 13 Oct. One guinea & half-a-guinea are being asked for stalls to lớn see the moving pictures of the Corbett–Fitzsimmons fight at the Empress Theatre.

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When movies were first produced, they were called the "Moving pictures" because up until then there were only "still" pictures. As languages change and idioms and slang are born, just as when one was able khổng lồ buy loose cigarettes that were called "a loosy" or "loosies", the "moving pictures" became "the movies". Moving pictures later became Motion Pictures which today is still used in the industry, but not generally by the public. Thought it is grammatically correct khổng lồ say "Let"s go watch a motion picture," the expression did not catch on and, therefore, it just doesn"t sound right. No short version was ever made out of that one.

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Film refers more so to the truyền thông than the pictures themselves, thus, "watching a film" means that one will watch all that is on that one roll of pictures. For those of you who aren"t old enough, before the digital era in which we live sầu today, still picture cameras also had a roll of film instead of SD cards. We couldn"t really look at the pictures from a roll of film that came out of a still camera, mainly because they were in "negative" form. The only machine one could use to lớn look at "negatives" were the slide machines, which were projectors. Can you imagine having to use a projector in order to lớn show your vacation or party pictures lớn family and friends? What a drag! They needed khổng lồ be printed on paper in order to lớn be easily và readily appreciated anywhere.

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Then there also the Polaroid cameras, which took what was called Polaroid pictures. But that is another story, maybe for another day.