Rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ: he was last person to be killed in this way

For example, you"ve tried calling your normal plumber, but he can"t do the job (primary), you"ve sầu called your backup. They can"t vị the job. Now you"re calling your ______ plumber, because they always piông xã up and they can handle anything.

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I"ve sầu thought of "end of the line" and "final" but they don"t capture the idea of "the one you can definitely count on, but you don"t Điện thoại tư vấn on them unless it"s dire."

I"ve sầu thought of "primary, secondary, tertiary" & "Primary, penultimate, ultimate."

But those don"t quite capture the idea either.

Do you have a better idea?

word-usage nouns synonyms
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asked Aug 11 "17 at 17:08

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How about your last-resort plumber?

From the OED:

last-resort, adj: Used or adopted when there is no other option or when everything else has failed.

It can also function as a noun:

last resort, n: A final opportunity for appeal. In later use more generally: a final expedient, something to lớn be adopted when everything else has failed.

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It does imply that it is the least-desired option (otherwise, why would you not choose this option earlier?), but does not necessarily imply that you can"t "count on" it. It certainly captures "you don"t điện thoại tư vấn on them unless it"s dire".

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Fallback /noun

something or someone to turn or return lớn, especially for help or as an alternative

/adjective sầu, Also fall-back

of or designating something kept in reserve or as an alternative sầu

Source: Dictionary.com

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answered Aug 11 "17 at 18:24

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"Last-resort", as previously mentioned is a good answer.

Other options are:

"Last-chance" plumber.


"Emergency" plumber.

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"Go-to" plumber. (Although this implies that you would Điện thoại tư vấn hlặng first. It sounds like the plumber you"re talking about is not a very good plumber and that is why he always answers the phone, and he"s your last choice.)

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Maybe paramount?

above sầu others in rank or authority; superior in power or jurisdiction. dictionary.com

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answered Aug 11 "17 at 18:01
StefanStetín đồ
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