The 'how it started, how it's going' meme is exactly the uplifting message we needed

Every goal that"s ever been achieved has started with a dream. Whether it"s a career, an artistic endeavor or relationship, it all starts with a glimmer of hope, then with some hard work, determination & a little bit luck, we may just find ourselves at the destination.

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While it"s comtháng for people khổng lồ attribute mastery of a skill lớn a gift or natural genius, for most, it"s not natural. Their skills are developed through regular practice. In his book, "Outliers," Malcom Gladwell shows that some of the greathử nghiệm artists and entrepreneurs of our time, including BIll Gates and The Beatles, all honed their craft over 10,000 hours before reaching the top.

Successful people are also known lớn use visualization techniques to help them reach their goals. By visualizing the over result, such as making a clutch shot or seeing yourself on the front page of a magazine, we can provide ourselves with the determination it takes khổng lồ get through the struggles along the path lớn success.

People who"ve reached their goals on Twitter have sầu been sharing what they looked like starting out versus their current selves lớn encourage other people to lớn strive for their goals.

The great thing is that the people all have sầu different goals và definitions of success. Success for some may be a happy, fulfilling relationship. For others it may be an athletic achievement or success in business.

Regardless, we all have goals we"d like lớn reach so it"s nice to see how most people who achieve sầu something great started at the bottom.

Phil Martin, Jr. has learned to lớn navigate life with autism spectrum disorder to land his dream job as an Amtrak Conductor. He"s also an accomplished photographer.

How it started How it’s going
— Phil (

Mwema dreamed of becoming a pilot as a child. Now, he sits in the cockpit.

How it started: How it’s going:
— Mwema (

Naongươi Osaka once dreamed of being a tennis professional. Now, she"s been ranked number one the Women"s Tennis Association, và is the first Asian player khổng lồ hold the top ranking in singles.

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how it started how it‘s going
— NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ (

They were once innocent teenagers, now they"ve reached ultimate 20đôi mươi relationship goals.

I don’t have sầu any of our high school convos but...How it started: How it’s going:
— Get her, Jade! (
Get her, Jade!)1601769785.0

Every business starts with one customer.

how it started: how it’s going:
— VON. (

Lil Nas X started with a dream to lớn be a rapper then followed the Old Town Road khổng lồ unimaginable success.

how it started: how it’s going:
— nope (

Getting the body you want starts with making the decision to change & never letting up.

How it started. How it"s going.
— Miss Nikki (
Miss Nikki)1602127502.0

Simone Biles started gymnastics when she was six. Sixteen years later, she"s won a combined total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals.

In 2017, Gimãng cầu Martin was assaulted by a man who put a camera up her skirt và took a picture. After learning there was no law against it, she started a campaign to make it illegal. Two years later, upskirting is now illegal in the UK.

In 2016, Katie Taylor dreamed about turning professional as a boxer. Four years later, she is a two-weight world champion & the current undisputed lightweight champion, having held the WBA title since 2017; the IBF title since 2018; và the WBC, WBO, and "Ring" magazine titles since 2019.