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There’s an old phrase we use here in the UK, và it’s “the proof is in the pudding”, this is particularly true when you mix out to lớn create something that you believe will be the best in the world. In this feature, we’re looking at Collingwood và Hay’s incredible quest khổng lồ produce “the best towel in the world.”

Creating the best or being the best at anything is no easy task, no matter what industry you operate in. Even when official data backs you up, people will always put arguments forward, arguing against the facts.

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Luxurious Magazine is a good case in point. A few years ago, we were officially the most viewed Media brvà on Google Plus. Even though the independent statistic proved we were #1, people were quiông chồng khổng lồ say things such as, “I don’t use it, so no one uses it”, yet we had more than a billion views in a short space of time which clearly disproved the argument!

It’s no different for a company, such as Collingwood & Hay; even if 1000s of consumers say they’ve sầu created the “best towel in the world”, there will always be a handful of vocal people who’ve said they haven’t.

In this article, we’re not going lớn confirm whether Collingwood và Hay’s towels are the best in the world. Instead, we’re going to look at the huge effort they’ve sầu put inkhổng lồ producing what is undoubtedly one of the best products of its type worldwide.

The founders of Collingwood & Hay. Peter Collingwood và Russell Hay.

The QuestCollingwood & Hay was borne from the minds of two English gentlemen. From day one, their vision was to create the ‘best towel in the world’. If you have sầu the goal lớn make the best of something, especially a hàng hóa containing no moving parts, the first port of Gọi will always be the base materials.

To be regarded as the best, you need the best. The Collingwood và Hay team decided to use cotton due to lớn its luxury feel, absorbance, natural softness, and it’s sustainability. Making the decision of what lớn use was relatively simple; finding the best cốt tông in the world was a more challenging endeavour.

The chaps conducted years of research to uncover where the best cotton could be sourced và embarked on a global fact-finding mission. This quest became a passion, and some of you reading this will no doubt presume that their tìm kiếm ended in Egypt; it didn’t.

Although Egypt is renowned for its cotton, which is found in much of the world’s finest bed linen & shirts, it didn’t quite make the grade.

Their global travels involved meetings with cotton growers, weavers và yarn makers, and their quest soon evolved inlớn a passion.

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Finally, they found what they were looking for, and it was specific cốt tông grown in the fields around Bergamo. It was on the hills behind the Agean coast where they found fairtrade farmers growing a rare cotton variety called Gossypium Barnadense, with its extra-long trắng fibre cốt tông, perfect for towels.

The production of non-organic cốt tông involves using 6% of the world’s pesticides, whereas the organic cốt tông grown by the farmers around Bergamo use no fertilizers or toxic và persistent pesticides. Only a tiny amount of this organic cốt tông is produced each year and is hand-picked.

To ensure that the cotton is as pure as possible, it is is roller ginned (this is the process of removing the seeds và debris from cotton) rather than saw ginned.

Once the required level of chất lượng has been reached, the cốt tông is then entrusted khổng lồ a family firm of weavers in the Minho province in Northern Portugal. These expert craftspeople have sầu been honing their skills for well over half a century & weave Collingwood & Hay’s towels into a perfect balance of softness, weight và absorbency.


This rather longwinded & undoubtedly expensive sầu process is what’s required when you embark on the quest to create the ‘Best towel in the world’.

Final thoughtsCollingwood & Hay kindly sent us two of their towels lớn experience the quality for ourselves. When you hold the towels against the face or squeeze them, they vì chưng feel incredibly luxurious. They are on display in one of our bathrooms, và if anyone should ask about them, I’ll happily tell them, “those are the best towels in the world.”


The most important towel in the UniverseCollingwood & Hay have sầu created a special edition towel as a homage khổng lồ Douglas Adams, the author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Towels are an important aspect within the book, & this can be clearly seen from the following line, “A towel is just about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can carry”.

If you are curious about the significance of the number 42 on the towel, it is the answer lớn the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

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To view the range of Collingwood và Hay products và lớn place an order, please visit www.collingwoodandtốt.com.






Natasha GodboldCreative Director / Writer