Could you please let me know that the meaning of both sentences are same or different? And please let me know the 2nd sentence is correct in terms of words" Sequence you and khổng lồ inform as as

This is lớn inkhung you that we have carefully reviewed your estimate on the parking lot refurbishing.


This is you lớn inform that we have carefully reviewed your estimate on the parking lot refurbishing.




The second sentence has no literal (or idiomatic) meaning at all; it simply does not parse correctly.

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The first sentence means "The purpose of this is to lớn make sure you"re informed that we have carefully reviewed your estimate on the parking lot refurbishing."

If you want lớn get tricky, you can rearrange things a bit to say "This is to lớn you inform that…", but this is archaic và confusing even to most native speakers. Don"t try it unless you"re writing poetry. (It"s basically identical in meaning, just switching around the verb và the object. The only difference, besides being pretty hard to lớn understand & having a different rhyme và meter, is that it emphasizes the object a little more. Think of it like "to lớn insize you", except subtler.)

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answered Feb 5 "15 at 6:47

Nathan TuggyNathan Tuggy
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Want can be followed by a "to"-infinitive sầu clause.

Such a clause may have a subject expressed, or may not. If it has, then the subject comes before the "to" infinitive sầu, & means that the speaker wants that subject to lớn vì chưng whatever the clause says.

If there is no subject expressed, then the subject of the main clause is taken as the subject the infinitive sầu clause.


I want to lớn insize you that ...

means that I want myself to be the one who informs you of whatever.


I want you to insize him that ...

means that I want you to lớn be the one who informs (him).

*I want you lớn inkhung that

is not grammatical, because "inform" requires an indirect object, and "you" can only be the subject.

With a verb that doesn"t require an indirect object, both are grammatical, and have sầu different meanings:

He wants khổng lồ buy it.

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means he wants himself to lớn be the one who buys it.

He wants you to buy it.

means he wants you to lớn be the one who buys it: "you" is the subject of "buy".

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answered Feb 8 "19 at 11:26

Colin FineColin Fine
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