Also, in lieu of; in place of; in someone"s stead. In substitution for, rather than. For example, She wore a dress instead of slacks, or They had a soprano in lieu of a tenor, or In place of soft drinks they served fruit juice, or The chairman spoke in her stead. Instead of dates from about 1200; in lieu of, which borrows lieu, meaning “place,” from French, dates from the late 1200s; in place of dates from the 1500s; và in someone"s stead from the 1200s. Also see under in someone"s shoes.

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Instead of is a phrase that means rather than or in place of. It is used to lớn present an alternative sầu or a substitute.

Instead of is used khổng lồ contrast two things. It is often used to explain choices or introduce an alternate event that happened or could happen in place of something else. Instead of can indicate that something was swapped out for something else.

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If someone uses their left h& to write with instead of their right hvà, for example, it means they chose to lớn use their left hvà rather than the right.

Used in a sentence: Tanya used peanut butter instead of chocolate in the recipe và the results were yummy!

Example: Instead of pepperoni, I lượt thích to lớn put pinetáo bị cắn dở on my pizza.

Where does instead of come from?

The first records of instead of come from around 1200. The phrase combines the adverb instead, meaning “as a substitute” or “as an alternative,” and the word of.

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What are some synonyms for instead of?

What are some words that cốt truyện a root or word element with instead of?

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How is instead of used in real life?

Instead of is a comtháng phrase that explains that something happened in place of something else or something was chosen over other options.

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