Here are 6 solutions to help you effectively fix this "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, and press any key" error in Windows 10/8/7. In addition, this article helps you to lớn recover lost data with the professioonal data recovery software - Power Data Recovery. 

Error - Invalid System Disk

Have sầu you ever encountered this "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, & press any key" error message when you boot inkhổng lồ Windows?

Generally speaking, a large number of users have sầu encountered this "invalid system disk" error according to a survey. BUT, how did you solve sầu this issue? Is it possible lớn fix invalid system disk error in Windows 10/8/7 without losing data?

If you haven"t yet found a suitable solution khổng lồ solve sầu it, here are a few troubleshooting suggestions you may want to lớn try. And, we introduced a reliable tệp tin recovery software khổng lồ help users effectively & quickly recover data when PC won"t boot.

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4 Main Reasons for "Invalid System Disk" Error in Computer

The "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, and press any key" error message can happen for a variety of reasons. Here, we danh sách 4 main reasons.

1. Corrupt boot disk.

This is the most comtháng reason. You will receive sầu the invalid system disk error in Windows 10/Windows8/Windows7 if the bootable disk gets corrupt somehow. It is recommended khổng lồ kiểm tra whether the boot disk is about lớn die if it has been used for a long time in the computer.

2. The boot order is false.

If you have several disks in your computer và the internal disk is not phối as the first boot disk, then you tover lớn receive sầu such errors. Therefore, you need lớn check whether you have phối the right disk for computer boot.

3. Virus infection.

Virus can lead to a mass of troubles. If a virut attacks your computer successfully, it will change or destroy the process of computer booting entirely & then prompt such errors.

4. The boot record of system drive is corrupted.

If the boot record of system drive sầu is corrupted, you are likely lớn receive sầu an error message saying "invalid system disk."

After knowing the cause, you might want khổng lồ know how to fix invalid system disk.

Recover Data before Fixing Invalid System Disk Error in Windows 10

It is recommended to recover lost data if you have sầu any important files stored on the PC"s hard drive sầu in case data loss happens while you are trying to lớn troubleshoot invalid system disk error.

Now, you might be wondering:

"How to recover data from PC easily and quickly?" Power Data Recovery, best tệp tin recovery software developed by Solution Ltd., is a wise choice for you.

This professional tool offers wizard-lượt thích interfaces as well as simple operations lớn help users easily recover data without any difficulty. More importantly, it is a read-only tool. Thus, you can use it lớn recover lost data without affecting the original data.

Here, as we cannot boot Windows because of the "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, & press any key" error message, we can try using the nguồn Data Recovery Bootable V8.0 to lớn carry out data recovery.

Step 1. Get Power Data Recovery Personal Deluxe cộ và install it on another computer.

Step 2. Launch nguồn Data Recovery, & then click on Bootable Media ibé in the bottom of the main interface to lớn create bootable CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.

Step 3. Boot your Windows with the bootable drive lớn get its main interface as follows.


Step 4. Now, select the target hard drive lớn recover lost data, & then clichồng Scan button which is located at the lower right corner to scan the device khổng lồ find desired data.

In the main interface, you can see 4 different data recovery modules:

This PC is selected by mặc định và focuses on recovering lost or deleted data from damaged, RAW or formatted partitions. Generally speaking, as long as the lost tệp tin is not caused by hardware failure, you can recover them by using this module.CD/DVD Drive helps lớn recover data from formatted or erased CD/DVD discs.


Step 5. Scan the selected device.

While scanning, you can pĐánh Giá the found files. Once you find needed files, you can stop the scanning process. However, khổng lồ get the best recovery result, you had better wait until the full scan finishes.


Step 6. After scanning, will danh sách all found data in a tree view as shown below. At this time, you can select all needed files, & then cliông chồng Save button lớn store them. If you are recovering pictures and text files, you can pđánh giá them before saving.



SEE! With nguồn Data Recovery, I effectively, quickly & safely recovered lost files from my PC with this "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, and press any key" error message.Clichồng khổng lồ tweet

With data safely transferred, you can begin khổng lồ fix invalid system disk error.

How lớn Fix Invalid System Disk Error in Windows 10/8/7

As we know, it is a comtháng problem that people cannot boot their computer because of the invalid system disk error. Here, we offer several simple ways to lớn help you solve the "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, & press any key" error in Windows 10/8/7.

Solution 1. Set the Bootable Disk as the First Boot Disk

As we know, if you mix an unavailable disk as the first boot disk, you will receive sầu the invalid system disk error message. Now, you can mix the bootable disk as the first boot disk to fix invalid disk system error in Windows 10/8/7.

You can unplug any USB flash drive, external hard drive, CD or floppy disk if you want to boot from the internal hard disk. However, if you want to lớn boot from a removable disk, you have sầu lớn make sure it is bootable and set it as the first boot disk.

Now, you can try the following steps to change the boot order.

Step 1. Start the computer and go lớn BIOS setup.

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Step 2. Use the arrow keys khổng lồ select the BOOT tab.

Step 3. Move sầu the boot disk lớn the first position in the menu.

Step 4. Save the Boot order changes & exit BIOS.

Step 5. Start the computer with the new boot order.

Solution 2. Cheông xã và Repair Disk Errors

If you still receive sầu the invalid system disk error in Windows 10 after changing the boot order, you can check and repair disk errors because disk corruptions also result in this error. However, how? Partition Wizard is recommended here. With this powerful tool, you can easily & quickly complete this task without any difficulty.

Download & install Partition Wizard in another computer. TIP: It is recommended to choose Partition Wizard Pro.

Launch Partition Wizard, and then select Bootable Media khổng lồ create a bootable CD or flash drive sầu.


Connect the burned bootable disk to lớn your PC with invalid system disk error, and then boot from it.

Then, you will see the following interface where you can select "Partition Wizard" to lớn the main interface of Partition Wizard.


Select the target partition, and choose "Check file system" from the Check Partition group or from Partition thực đơn.


You will see a new window with two options: Cheông chồng only & Cheông chồng & fix detected errors. If you only want to lớn check, select Cheông chồng only; if you want lớn recover mistakes during the checking process, select Chechồng và fix detected errors. After that, cliông chồng "Start" button.


Solution 3. Repair Master Boot Record

mbr, Master Boot Record, is a boot sector at the very beginning of computers" hard drive and records the information of all partitions. Corrupted MBR is a common reason for the appearance of invalid system disk error. Now, try using Partition Wizard to rebuild MBR lớn exclude this factor.

Purchase and install Partition Wizard Pro in another computer khổng lồ create a bootable CD or flash drive.

Boot your Windows with invalid system disk from the bootable disk, & then follow the wizards lớn get the main window of Partition Wizard.

Now, select the system disk & click on "Rebuild MBR" from the left panel.


At last, clichồng "Apply" button on the top left corner to apply the change.

After that, you can restart your PC. If you still get the "invalid system disk replace the disk và press any key" error, please refer lớn the following method.

Solution 4. Perkhung an Automatic Repair

Some users recommend performing the Automatic Repair or Start-up Repair to lớn remove out the "invalid system disk replace the disk & press any key" error. However, sometimes, Windows Automatic Repair not working issue will happen.

Useful Article: How Do I Solve - Windows Automatic Repair Not Working.

Here are the steps to make Start-up Repair work.

Insert the Windows bootable drive sầu và boot from it.Select your language preferences, and clichồng on Next button.Cliông chồng on Repair your computer.Clichồng on Troubleshoot > Advanced options, & select Start-up Repair.


Solution 5. Reinstall Operating System

Some users reported that the "invalid system disk replace the disk & press any key" issue might be caused by a damaged operating system. In this case, how khổng lồ fix invalid system disk? Reinstalling operating system might be the best choice for you lớn make your hard disk bootable again.

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Bottom Line

At the kết thúc of the post, I want to lớn stress again that you had better recover lost data in advance in case data loss happens while you are trying to troubleshoot invalid system disk error.

Hope these solutions help you. If you solved the invalid system disk problem by using another method, please nói qua it with us in the following command, thanks.

If you have sầu any questions about using software, please feel không lấy phí to lớn contact us via . We will solve it as soon as possible.