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What is a key file and an activation code for solutions for business

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You can activate solutions for business using an activation code or a key file. The key tệp tin or activation code gives you the license certificate.

The scope of services & validity period depend on the type of license under which the application was activated. The following types of licenses are available: 

Trial — a không tính phí license for a short period which allows khổng lồ get acquainted with the application. Commercial — a paid-for license provided when the application is purchased.

What is an activation code?

An activation code is a chất lượng set of trăng tròn characters of the following type: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. Internet access is required fro activating with the activation code.

What is a key file?

A key file is a tệp tin of the following type: xxxxxxxx.key, which is used for activating solutions for business offline.

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What is a license certificate?

The License Certificate contains the following license information:

order number;information about the license user;information about the application that can be activated by the license;restrictions on the number of devices on which the application can be used under the license;license start date;license expiry date;type of license.

How khổng lồ get a trial key file

A trial key file is intended for those who want to lớn try lớn use the application for the first time. All application features work without limitations for 30 days since adding of the trial key file.

You can activate the application with a trial key file only once. You cannot use the trial key file for renewal.

To get a trial key file:

Select the application and cliông chồng Free trial.


Fill in the fields and click Skết thúc. The message with a liên kết will be sent lớn the gmail address you have specified. Follow the link khổng lồ verify your gmail address.

After verification, you will receive sầu another message with the following contents:

The link to the application distribution packageTrial key files for each category of the applicationsText file with the trial key tệp tin

How to purchase a commercial license

You can purchase business products online on our trang web or from our partners.

Not all products are available for online purchase. There is also a limit khổng lồ the number of licenses you can buy online.

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How to lớn calculate the license term for the commercial key file

The expiry date for the key tệp tin can be calculated using the following formula: + .

If the date is:

Is later than the license storage kết thúc date, the expiration date will be reduced to lớn that date. Is earlier than the license storage over date, the expiry date will equal the date of the key expiration.

What happens when the key tệp tin term expires

After the expiry of the commercial license, solution components will switch to limited functionality. You can use protection and management components và run vi khuẩn scan using the databases installed during the license term.

To continue using all the features of the application, renew the license term or buy a new one. does not guarantee protection against threats after the license term of the solution has expired. We recommend that you renew the license before the existing license expires to ensure seamless switch to lớn the new license.

What to vì chưng if you lost your activation code or key file

If the activation code or key file was lost, you can restore it in one of the following ways:

Include the following information: 

Where the application was boughtCompany namePurchase dateOrder number (if bought online) from the confirmation message you received after purchaseLicense number of the following format XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX, which is specified in the certificateThe mô tả tìm kiếm of the problem
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