Run the downloaded installer.Wait until the wizard finds the lademo version of the application or click Skip khổng lồ install the current version.

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Cliông xã the liên kết lớn review the License Agreement. If you agree khổng lồ its terms, click Continue


Cliông chồng the liên kết to lớn nhận xét the KSN Statement. If you want to lớn participate in Security Network, leave sầu the corresponding checkbox selected.Clichồng Install.


Wait for the installation khổng lồ complete. Make sure settings you want to lớn apply are selected and cliông chồng Apply.


Cliông xã Done.


After the installation, activate Total Security. See Online Help for more information.If you want to lớn skip activation at this point, use the Online Help guide.

How to install Total Security through the commvà line

Enter the path khổng lồ the installation file & the comm& for starting the installation with required parameters. Commvà line installation parameters & properties are described below.Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Main parameters

Commvà nameValueExample
/sSilent installation mode. Dialog boxes are not displayed during installation. kts21.exe pháo /s

Date of birth. If you are under 16, installation will not be allowed. 

This parameter is: 

Mandatory for silent installation.Optional for installation in the OEM mode.
kts21.exe /mybirthdate=1986‑12‑23
/lDefines the language used while the multi-language version is being installedkts21.exe pháo /len-us
/tThe folder where the installation log will be saved. kts21.exe /tC:cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.comLab
/p=Used lớn specify an installation propertykts21.exe pháo /pALLOWREBOOT=1 /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1
/hOpens the help dialog boxkts21.exe pháo /h

Additional settings

Command nameValueExample
/xApplication removalkts21.exe /x

Commonly used installation properties

ACTIVATIONCODE=Enter the previous activation code.
Confirm your consent to lớn the End User License Agreement
Confirm your consent khổng lồ the Privacy Policy.
Confirm your consent to lớn data provision for sản phẩm improvement purposes.

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Confirm your consent lớn data provision for marketing purposes.
Used lớn specify the installation thư mục This parameter can only be used for Total Security.kts21.exe cộ /p"INSTALLDIR=C:Documents & Settingskts21"
KLPASSWD=used khổng lồ protect certain functions of the sản phẩm with a password. If the value of the KLPASSWDAREA parameter is not set, the default password scope is used:making changes lớn the applicationclosing the applicationkts21.exe pháo /pKLPASSWD=12345678
KLPASSWDAREA=defines the scope of the password specified by the KLPASSWD parameter:SET — changing application settings.EXIT — closing the application.UNINST — removing the application.

The option may have multiple values; in such case, the values are separated with a semicolon.

Enables the product"s Self-Defense during the installation.kts21.exe cộ /pSELFPROTECTION=1
ALLOWREBOOT=1Allow restarting the system if it is necessary.kts21.exe /pALLOWREBOOT=1
SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1Do not check for applications that are incompatible with Total Security.kts21.exe /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1
-oembackupmodeDo not run the application after installation if Windows is booted in the phân tích và đo lường Mode.kts21.exe cộ /s -oembackupmode

By using the SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 parameter, you assume responsibility for the possible consequences of the Lab product"s incompatibility with other applications.

The SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 parameter only allows you to ignore those applications that should be removed manually.

Example of the compound comm& that allows a computer restart & skips the incompatible software check: