Everyone knows that Vietphái nam is just one of those places that you can easily find a girl to lớn pork.

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Super easy. Just fire up Tinder.

I talk about it a lot on this trang web. That’s actually lượt thích 80% of this site’s nội dung.

However, what doesn’t get talked about is birth control.

This article will cover everything you need to lớn know about birth control in Vietphái mạnh. Here are your options:

1. Abstinence

Price: Heavy balls.

Efficacy: 100%


Abstinence is difficult in Vietnam.

2. Condoms

Price: 200k ($8) for a 12 paông xã.

Efficacy: >98.7%

Condoms are probably the most popular khung of birth control for western guys. You can buy Durex, or some other Japanese brvà that I forget the name of, at every convenience store.

Durex are slightly more expensive và they feel better. The Japanese brand condoms are awful, which is why Japanese aren’t having sex.

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Honestly, condoms just suchồng. I’ve used them maybe 4 or 6 times in Saigon.

Just not my thing. Hell, I don’t even have sầu a condom in my sex toolbox…

Sex while wearing a condom is not even worth the time & release of masculine energy.

Note: It’s extremely rare to lớn get AIDS from vaginal sex. HIV/AIDS was originally known as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID), gay cancer, và gay plague. As you can guess, it is most comtháng with gay dudes và druggies (male prostitutes). 

3. Plan B

Cost: Under 20k ($1)

Efficacy: >97%

Plan B, officially known as emergency contraception, is a pill that women take if the condom breaks. It is supposed to prsự kiện the egg from getting fertilized, which means your waifu won’t pop out a hapa baby in 9 months.

You can buy it by going to any pharmacy in Vietnam giới và asking for: “Thuốc rời thai khẩn cấp” (Don’t bother trying khổng lồ pronounce that, just show them the text).

You can also ask for “Postinor.” Again, just show them the text. They’ll know what’s up.

Of course everyone always says, “Plan B isn’t birth control.”

Well, I’m not a dad, so it definitely works.

Anyway, the riskiest part about using Plan B in Vietnam is getting a Vietnamese woman to take it.

The most common objection you’ll hear is, “I not have sầu baby when old if take!”

Don’t worry, with enough convincing you can get a woman khổng lồ bởi vì just about anything. Including swallow a pill.

If you suông chồng at persuasion, then…

Just grind up the pill and slip it in her tea or coffee