1  adj You use fine  lớn describe something that you admire and think is very good.  usu ADJ n There is a fine view of the countryside..., This is a fine book., ...London"s finest art deteo cinema.  ♦ finely  adv ADV -ed They are finely engineered boats.  

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2  adj 
If you say that you are fine , you mean that you are in good health or reasonably happy.  v-link ADJ Limãng cầu is fine & sends you her love sầu and best wishes.  
3  adj 
If you say that something is fine , you mean that it is satisfactory or acceptable.  usu v-link ADJ, oft it v-links ADJ to-inf The skiing is fine..., Everything was going to be just fine..., It"s fine to lớn ask questions as we go along, but it"s better if you wait until we have finished.    Fine is also an adverb., adv All the instruments are working fine.  
4  convention 
You say `fine " or `that"s fine" khổng lồ show that you bởi vì not object lớn an arrangement, action, or situation that has been suggested. , (formulae) If competition is the best way lớn achieve sầu it, then, fine..., If you don"t want to give sầu it lớn me, that"s fine, I don"t mind...  
5  adj Something that is fine  is very delicate, narrow, or small.  usu ADJ n  (Antonym: coarse) The heat scorched the fine hairs on her arms...  ♦ finely  adv ADV with v  (Antonym: coarsely) Chop the ingredients finely & phối them together.  

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6  adj Fine objects or clothing are of good chất lượng, delicate, và expensive. usu ADJ n We waited in our fine clothes...  
7  adj 
A fine  detail or distinction is very delicate, small, or exact.  usu ADJ n The market likes the broad outline but is reserving judgment on the fine detail.  ♦ finely  adv usu ADV -ed, also ADV after v They had to lớn take the finely balanced decision khổng lồ let the visit proceed...  ♦ fineness  n-uncount oft N of n ...a sense of quality và fineness of detail.  
8  adj 
A fine  person is someone you consider good, moral, and worth admiring.  usu ADJ n  (approval) He was an excellent journacác mục & a very fine man.  
9  adj 
When the weather is fine , the sun is shining and it is not raining.  He might be doing a spot of gardening if the weather is fine.  

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