I am are that "in the day" may mean a specific stretch of time of 24 hours, & "on the day" may mean a specific date. But don"t they basically mean the same in my sentences?


None of these is something a fluent speaker would be likely lớn say.

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The most likely way khổng lồ express the idea would be, "February 11 was really hectic, so I had to lớn bởi vì a ton of work that day."

"During the day" is usually used when contrasting with "night". Like, "I work during the day và spover the nights resting."

"In the day" is a somewhat informal way of referring to past times. Like, "In the days of the French Revolution ..." Or when an older person is talking about his youth, he might say "Yes, back in the day, we used khổng lồ ..." It can also be used, lượt thích "during the day", khổng lồ contrast with night. Like, "In the day the spotted fwacbar bird sleeps, and it hunts at night."

"On the day" can be used lớn emphaform size that something happened or will happen on a particular day. "On the day that my brother died, I was living in Kansas ..." This might be close to lớn what you were trying to lớn say above sầu, but your wording is not idiomatic.

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don"t they basically mean the same in my sentences?

In a loose sense, yes, but they have sầu subtly different connotations.

February 11 was really hectic, so I had to do a ton on the day.

This (potentially) implies / emphasises that you had much khổng lồ vì on that day, as opposed to stuff you could have done beforeh&. Example: "the sản phẩm launch was such a last-minute effort, we had so much lớn vày on the day"

February 11 was really hectic, so I had to bởi vì a ton in the day.

This (potentially) implies / emphasises you had to bởi vì your stuff in the day as opposed lớn in the evening or night.

February 11 was really hectic, so I had khổng lồ vì chưng a ton during the day.

This (potentially) implies / emphasises that you were busy throughout the (whole) day rather than having a short burst of activity.

Besides these nuances, I would tend to lớn agree with
Jay that none of them sound natural. The main problem in my opinion is that the "so" construction is backwards. You didn"t have sầu a ton to vì as a result of February 11 being hectic. You deemed February 11 khổng lồ be "hectic" as a result of you having a ton khổng lồ vì chưng.

Therefore, from a formal written grammar perspective sầu, I would expect something lượt thích "February 11 was really hectic, since/as/because..." instead of so. In everyday speech, there would probably be no word there at all, just a comma or semicolon.

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In terms of naturally idiomatic speech, I would also probably replace on/in/during with that. Finally, I would probably rearrange the words a little further, & kết thúc up with

February 11 was really hectic, I had tons to vì that day.

Although at this point it is probably getting very subjective sầu (according lớn Br.Eng / Am.Eng etc) which is the most "natural" phrasing.

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See page 77-79 in the book "English Prepositions Explained" by Seth Lindstromberg.

IN: Long spans of time, "speaks of a day or night as a sweep of time"DURING: has the effect of "stretching out" the time

ON: "used as if in our mind"s eye we view a day or a morning from far enough away that we bởi vì not discern it as a sweep of time but rather as a compact, smallish block"


In the evening, we sat on...


On the evening of January 2, 1869...

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