Open-Ended Questions Là Gì

In a conversation, when completing a research survey, being interviewed for a job or working on a homework assignment, you might find yourself presented with a series of closed-ended or open-ended questions. Closed-ended questions are those which can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no,” while open-ended questions are those which require more thought and more than a simple one-word answer.

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Closed-Ended Questions

If you can answer a question with only a “yes” or “no” response, then you are answering a closed-ended type of question. of closed-ended questions are:

Are you feeling better today?May I use the bathroom?Is the prime rib a special tonight?Should I date him?Will you please vì me a favor?Have sầu you already completed your homework?Is that your final answer?Were you planning on becoming a fireman?Should I call her and sort things out?Is it wrong to lớn want to lớn live on my own at this age?Shall we make dinner together tonight?Could I possibly be a messier house guest?Might I be of service khổng lồ you ladies this evening?Did that man walk by the house before?Can I help you with that?May I please have a bite of that pie?Would you lượt thích to go khổng lồ the movies tonight?Is math your favorite subject?Does four plus four equal eight?Is that haunted house really scary?Will you be going to Grandmother”s house for Christmas?Did Dad make the cake today?Is there a Mass being held at noon?Are you pregnant?Is he dead?

Closed-ended questions should not always be thought of as simple questions that anyone can quickly answer merely because they require a yes or no answer. Closed-ended questions can also be very complicated. For example, “Is 1 in binary equal to lớn 1 in counting numbers?” is a closed-ended question that not everyone would be able to quickly answer.

Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are ones that require more than one word answers. The answers could come in the form of a menu, a few sentences or something longer such as a speech, paragraph or essay.

Here are some mister-bản đồ.com of open-ended questions:

What were the most important wars fought in the history of the United States?What are you planning to lớn buy today at the supermarket?How exactly did the fight between the two of you start?What is your favorite memory from childhood?How will you help the company if you are hired to work for us?What vày you plan to lớn vì immediately following graduation from college?What types of decorations vì chưng you plan lớn have sầu for your friend”s birthday party?What was your high school experience like?How did you and your best friover meet?What sights vị you expect to see on your vacation?How vị you go about booking tickets for a flight?What were the major effects of World War II for the United States?How bởi vì you go about purchasing a home?What is it lượt thích to lớn live in Morocco?What is the quickest way to get khổng lồ the pet store in town?Why is it that every time I talk with you, you seem irritated?How could I present myself better?How bởi you manage lớn raise those children alone?What is the matter with the people in that class?Where are you going to lớn find the time lớn write all those letters?Why can”t I come along with you?What makes the leaves change color?How exactly does one replace the screen khổng lồ a cellular phone?

Although open-ended questions require lengthier responses than closed-ended questions, open-ended questions are not always more complicated. For example, asking “What are you planning khổng lồ buy today at the supermarket?” may simply require the respondent lớn read off of a danh mục.

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When These Questions Are Used

Either type of question can be used in a wide variety of scenargame ios. However, if you”re looking for a guide lớn liken these types of questions to, you can think of closed-ended questions as multiple choice questions on a school exam & open-ended questions as short responses & essay questions on an exam.

Open-ended Questions

Open-ended questions require an answer with more depth và a lengthier response. Open-ended questions are also helpful in finding out more about a person or a situation, whether it”s during an interview, at a buổi tiệc ngọt, or when getting lớn know a new friover.

Closed-ended Questions

Closed-ended questions can be answered in only one word or with a short, specific piece of information. Closed-ended questions can also be used in the situations mentioned above sầu, although they have sầu the potential lớn kết thúc the conversation.

Here are mister-bản đồ.com of closed-ended questions in these types of situations:

Would you like vanilla ice cream?Have you ever met Joe before?Where did you go to college?What is your best quality?Are you happy?Do you enjoy your car?Does your brother have sầu the same interests as you?Do you have a pet?Do you lượt thích animals?When is your birthday?Do you lượt thích rain?

Now, here”s some of these closed-ended questions turned inlớn open-ended questions – to keep the conversation going:

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream và why?How did you meet Joe?What vị you feel was most beneficial about your college experience?How can your top qualities help our company khổng lồ thrive sầu and grow?What are some of the things that bring you the most joy?Why did you decide khổng lồ purchase a Volvo?What interests vày you and your brother mô tả, and which interests vị you not share?Do you have a pet và what is your pet like?Do you lượt thích animals and why?When is your birthday and how bởi you lượt thích to lớn celebrate?Do you like rain and what vì chưng you usually vày during rain storms?

From these, it is clear that closed-ended questions are used khổng lồ elicit a short, quiông xã response, while open-ended questions are gateways into a conversation.