Podium: messaging tools for local business

Podium is a customer interaction platsize that utilizes text messaging to lớn help businesses manage customer relationships and build an online reputation on a variety of websites.

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Podium’s platsize consolidates customer interactions and online Đánh Giá inlớn a single dashboard lớn help users manage online Reviews management. From the dashboard, users can send đánh giá invitations, respond lớn online Reviews in real time, và skết thúc và receive sầu text messages with customers và potential customers.

Additionally, Podium’s platsize provides businesses with reports on the business’ day khổng lồ day operations, including sentiment analysis and competitive benchmarking, that can help businesses identify potential areas for improvement.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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November 2020

Kevin from Done For You Real Estate USA

Verified Reviewer

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Industry: Real Estate

Time Used: Less than 2 years

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Value for money


Customer support




November 2020

Love it but don"t always love sầu paying for it!

Overall, it"s really good. I"m a big bạn of feeling valued as a customer, and I don"t feel valued, I feel lượt thích a number. I rarely get check-ins from the company. On top of that, I think the ability to lớn get nhận xét could be a little better. Our customers just don"t really react when we ask them for the nhận xét. They are always willing, but then seem to lớn have sầu some difficulty completing the process.


The ease of use is great, I love taking the conversation from the website to lớn texting, & it"s great for that. It also makes it pretty easy khổng lồ request Đánh Giá, and so that is great.


It feels really expensive sầu to lớn me. At this point I might be able to lớn get similar functionality for significantly less money, but nonetheless, because we"ve made the investment in it and trained our team on it, I selfishly don"t want lớn have sầu to lớn deplore another program & do another batch of training.

Reasons for Choosing Podium

It had the components of Intercom I liked, but also gave us the ability khổng lồ hopefully simply get nhận xét. I also liked that the conversation moves from the web to lớn the phone.