What the preposition is correct after "popular "? popular as/to/for? i can't understand the differences

"Popular among" and "popular with" are both correct. In this case, I would suggest "popular with".

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"Popular with" is usually used for people, e.g. "Popular with the girls", "Popular with the working class..."

"Popular among" is usually used with ideas ahy vọng people, eg. "The new policy is not going to lớn popular aý muốn the members of the party...."


The phrase "popular with" just generally seems lớn be more popular with people regardless whether it"s the popularity of people or things.

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Compare the ngram for "it is popular among" vs "it is popular with":


To that of "he is popular among" vs "he is popular with":




According to lớn the Corpus enTenTen18, both "popular with" & "popular among" are grammatically correct & the former is more frequently used.


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