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‘She also said that the ambitions of hundreds of school leavers had been thrown inkhổng lồ disarray by the Government"s decision not khổng lồ proceed with the courses in September.’‘We were able lớn, of course, proceed with our work by the over of the day.’‘Why would we want lớn proceed with a course of action that is unjust, unwise & completely unnecessary?’‘After the decision lớn proceed with transplantation, she began to experience feelings of anxiety & fear.’‘He urges Athena lớn proceed with the trial, and so she begins, acting as the judge & facilitator of the trial.’‘However, despite a Labour Court plea not lớn proceed with any strike action until its ruling, cabin crews proceeded with Thursday"s stoppage.’‘It"s his guidance to lớn his followers that"s certainly inspires them khổng lồ proceed with the attacks that we have sầu seen in places like Istanbul & Morocteo & Spain and so forth.’‘On July 17 we received approval from the department to proceed with the placing of an advertisement for the appointment of consultants to prepare the contract documents.’‘But the company was forced to proceed with yesterday"s meeting as Acquisitor"s motions to lớn remove sầu Baltimore"s existing directors were valid.’‘‘Feelings ran very high và the unanimous view was that the group management should not proceed with the cuts,’ said those who attended.’‘‘It"s hard to lớn imagine if the Government is going khổng lồ proceed with something as dramatic as this, it would not have sầu a business plan,’ he said.’‘If we can"t fill all the parts then we will not be able to proceed with the play as we had planned.’‘‘Unfortunately neither the Rotary Club in the Ukraine nor the authority there has any money to proceed with the project,’ said Mr Goldthorpe.’‘He added: ‘We can"t proceed with any civil action unless we have the permission of the Charity Commissioners to spkết thúc money in that way.’’‘I fill in a khung & get an interview and then they see whether they wish lớn proceed with me.’‘And so I think that we should proceed with oversight & I"m going lớn encourage my colleagues on the appropriate committees khổng lồ do just that.’‘The Cemetery Committee will now proceed with the project of erecting the Remembrance Plaque, which will be unveiled at the annual celebration of Holy Mass later this year.’‘If his pleadings are struông chồng, Ms. Mellon may proceed immediately lớn trial on an uncontested basis.’‘Gate proceeds in aid of Western Care so all support welcome.’‘None of them looked up, allowing Michael khổng lồ proceed unhindered.’‘One person proceeded to climb up a street light & attempt lớn smash it.’‘To recover for delay the contractor must proceed as follows.’‘The Toronlớn demonstration proceeded from city hall to the US Consulate.’