Pursuant to là gì

The fact that a person acted pursuant to lớn an order of his government does not relieve sầu him from responsibility under international law.

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Article 3 in part explicitly recognises the sovereign right of states to lớn exploit their own resources pursuant lớn their own environmental policies.
Eaves (1957, chapter 7) discusses a parliamentary committee established to provide regular oversight of administrative regulations adopted pursuant lớn delegated authorities.
In their work, they consider the issues surrounding information sharing in dynamic coalitions pursuant to lớn some crisis.
We will, thus, consider outcomes for adults with and without psychological disorders pursuant to their childhood maltreatment.
The question is whether affective disorders pursuant to lớn childhood maltreatment follow these neuroendocrine patterns.
Pursuant khổng lồ the logic underpinning the referendum voting Model, we assume that the possibilities for error in performance attribution are likely to be considerable & biased by partisanship.
At present, however, we are asking whether it is moral for the state khổng lồ inflict draconian punishment now if it is done pursuant to a legitimate threat earlier on.
In other words, the executors can treat the situation pursuant lớn the will and not pursuant to lớn common law or legal rights.
It should provide those women with the opportunity lớn live in dignity, pursuant to lớn the local traditions, religion and culture.
This directive sầu must also contain a provision relating lớn the penalties lớn be enforced under national legislation pursuant to the directive sầu.
In effect, pursuant to lớn the procedure adopted, it represents the first stage in the debate on cohesion policy in the new programming period.

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Without sight of the package, it is difficult to lớn say what national programmes we plan khổng lồ establish pursuant to lớn it.
That amount had been phối off against the ngân hàng borrowings of other group companies by the company"s bankers, pursuant to lớn their security.
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