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the degree to which something is dissolved in something else, compared with the maximum possible degree:
a situation in which too much of a product or service is provided so that there is more available than there are people who want to buy it:
You can swipe up khổng lồ increase the saturation in your pholớn, or swipe left or right lớn make xanh skies bluer.
That"s up 15 million over the same time last year, và growth has slowed somewhat due to market saturation.
The issue came khổng lồ light as the council began considering new restrictions aimed at addressing industry saturation.
There is a point of saturation, and inviting wheelchair-bound athletes into a beer hall is probably spilling over the overflow tube.
It"s no surprise that brands have sầu been extra cautious as sales have slowed, arguably hitting a saturation point.
They are confident that their sector is stable even in the face of heavy saturation and multiple borrowing.
Now, while the aremãng cầu has indeed become highly competitive sầu, the latter point on market saturation couldn"t be further from the truth.
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to lớn laugh repeatedly in a quiet but uncontrolled way, often at something silly or rude or when you are nervous

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