Seminar nghĩa là gì

Nâng cao vốn tự vựng của công ty với English Vocabulary in Use trường đoản cúọc những từ bạn phải giao tiếp một giải pháp đầy niềm tin.

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a meeting of a group of people with a teacher or expert for training, discussion, or study on a particular subject:
This session provided valuable feedbachồng for each group that inevitably helped with preparation for the assessed seminars.
It echoes still today, not only in disputations, but also và especially in academic seminars, supposedly.
All have centres that organize seminars, film screenings, lectures, and international exchanges with fellow artists & intellectuals.
These seminars are open khổng lồ all members of the institution, professional staff, administrative sầu staff, & voluntary workers.
Every two years its programme of jury-selected performances and seminars is held in a different thành phố.
A curriculum pearl should explain và justify the development of an entire computing curriculum or a course (seminar, workshop).
Each chapter can pretty much stvà on its own & would be easily extracted for topical reading in a graduate seminar.
In particular, it examines how these students author their identities as literacy teachers within the context of a mediated seminar setting.
We also found that a considerable number of the participating patients had indicated that they would like khổng lồ be invited to the seminars.

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