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Older millennials & younger Gen Xers are driving America"s Great Resignation, per HBR. In the middle of this cohort are geriatric millennials, known for acting as a generational bridge. With their unique skillmix & greater freedom khổng lồ quit, they have the upper h& in the workforce.

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SpaceX's first space tourists have sầu returned to Earth, splashing down inside the Crew Dragon spaceship

SpaceX's Inspiration4 mission, a spaceship filled with tourists, has survived a high-tốc độ plummet through Earth's atmosphere and returned home.

Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg is unlikely lớn flip on his trùm, despite pressure from prosecutors, reports say

Despite pressure from prosecutors, Donald Trump's longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg is unlikely to flip on his boss.

A 20-year-old first-gen college student with dwarfism shares how he landed an investment-banking job at Credit Suisse — and didn't let a disability stand in his way

After he graduates from UC Berkeley next year, Kevin Truong, 20, will take a full time position on Wall Street, which has long struggled khổng lồ diversify its ranks.

Amazon docuseries 'LuLaRich' takes on embattled retailer LuLaRoe and the 'honey trap' lure of multicấp độ marketing for moms và families

The directors of "LuLaRich," Amazon's documentary series about multimàn chơi sale company LuLaRoe, say it's "a cautionary tale for everybody toàn thân."

Ports in California have sầu never been this busy, and it's adding lớn shortages of everything from furniture to electronics

Chip makers lượt thích Nvidia are mix to soar as semiconductor sales to reach $544 billion in 2021, Bank of America says

'We remain firmly in the stronger-for-longer camp for semis," said chip sector analysts at Bank of America in a Friday research note.

Tlặng Cook tries to lớn quell unrest at Apple during a company-wide meeting, but only answers two questions from activist employees

During an attempt to address employee unrest, Apple CEO Tyên Cook answered one question about pay parity & one about the Texas abortion law, say reports.

A day on the set of 'Shang-Chi' with stuntman Andy Le, who trained Simu Liu and plays the Death Dealer in the Marvel box office hit

Martial artist Ande Le, who has a supporting role in "Shang-Chi," recalled a memorable day on the Sydney, Australia mix of the Marvel film.

Boston's famous 'Skinny House,' reportedly built after a feud between 2 brothers, sells over asking price for $1.25 million

Get an exclusive look at the pitch deông xã this ex-Googler used lớn raise $4 million for his new AI phone operator startup GoodGọi

Work smarter not harder with Staples' variety of discounted offerings on all things office & classroom.

McConnell was not shocked by Trump's 20trăng tròn loss, said there were 'so many Maalox moments' during his presidency: book

Despite being in the same political các buổi party, McConnell told his staff that the President Trump's actions could often lead khổng lồ stressful predicaments.
In The Drones 101 report, Business Insider Intelligence forecasts the future of the drone market và examines how high it will fly.

West Virginia governor says the state will have to 'keep lining the toàn thân bags up' if COVID-19 vaccination rates don't improve

The governor won't be mandating the vaccine for residents, but he is "highly encouraging" them to get it amid a sharp rise in cases.
Publishers are warning book lovers that supply chain disruptions are impacting book production and distribution.
In the Amazon's Leap Inkhổng lồ Healthcare report, Business Insider Intelligence details how the tech giant is making waves in the healthcare sector.

Lindsey Grayêu thích told Trump that the House of Representatives is 'just a constant shit show': book

During a June conversation with former President Donald Trump, Gramê mẩn emphasized the importance of the GOP taking back control of Congress in 2022.
The Taliban on Saturday said girls aren't banned from attending secondary school but they first want to phối up a "secure transportation system."

A doctor from Oregon who said mask-wearing can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning got his medical license revoked

When asked if he'd rather thảm bại his license or wear a mask, Steven Arthur LaTulippe said he'd "sacrifice" his license "with no hesitation."

US Bureau of L& Management is returning to Washington, DC, reversing a Trump administration decision

The bureau, which oversees nearly one-fifth of public lands in the US and has more than 7,000 employees, is recalibrating after the loss of nearly 300 employees.
Minaj galvanized an anti-vaccine prodemo after she tweeted skeptical remarks about the COVID-19 vaccines.
Rents are rising. Housing affordability is a crisis. These companies are giving renters flexible payment plans và credit-card-lượt thích rewards.
Women working full-time, year-round made 83 cents for every dollar men made in 20trăng tròn, according to median earning data from the Census Bureau.
Maggie Timoney broke glass ceilings by becoming the first female CEO of a major US beer company. She wants lớn ensure she's not the last.

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Fifty percent of small business owners said they're struggling with the labor shortage. But tax credits are helping incentivize the return to lớn work.

I founded an NYC engagement ring startup hitting $1 million in monthly sales. Here's the daily routine I follow from 7 a.m. khổng lồ 11 p.m.

The Clear Cut cofounder Olivia Landau starts her day with a workout & watering her plants, then walks 15 mins to lớn her office in Rockefeller Center.
Insider obtained exclusive sầu data on the faskiểm tra growing finance growing apps this week, from cryptocurrency wallets to digital banking platforms.
The Canadian banks offering the most desirable mobile features in 2021 are RBC, TD Canada, & BMO, according to lớn Insider Intelligence.

Meet 2021's rising stars of the electric vehicle industry, from companies like Rivian, Arrival, and Solid Power

Here are the brighthử nghiệm young stars at electric-vehicle companies such as Rivian, Arrival, Solid Power nguồn, & Sila Nanotechnologies.
The project's head wanted to lớn pay homage khổng lồ the nameless creator of Bitcoin, calling hyên the "god of our market."

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The woman's husbvà reported that his wife "is unconscious in a Tesla" và that the vehicle was "driving itself" on a Southern California freeway.
Despite the charm offensive sầu between Trump và Klặng, the former president made several less-than-flattering comments about the leader while in office.

Flight attendant reportedly tells passengers she will 'be annoying' towards them if they do not wear a mask

A video clip shot in selfie mode appears to feature a flight attendant promising to lớn annoy maskless passengers and wake them up when if they fall asleep.

'Grease' actor Eddie Deezen accused of causing a disturbance at a Maryl& restaurant & throwing plates at police during his arrest

Actor Eddie Deezen has been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, & trespassing, following an incident at a restaurant, TMZ reported.

A meteorologist was fired from his TV station after 33 years at the job because he refused to lớn get a COVID-19 vaccine

"I have sầu authority over my body," the meteorologist, Karl Bohnak, wrote in a Facebook post announcing his termination.

A Wisconsin pizza restaurant that's been operating for 64 years is closing down due to lớn the labor shortage

The owner of Red's Pizza và Catering in Wisconsin is closing the restaurant amid a staff shortage. He said all of his attempts lớn find workers failed.

Natural disasters caused $268 billion in damages in 20trăng tròn. Follow this 5-step checkdanh sách lớn keep your business prepared.

Natural disasters are happening with increased frequency around the country. Prepare your small business for emergencies with these expert tips.

Kamala Harris' former chiến dịch finance chair plans to lớn reinvent how CEOs approach diversity in corporate America with a new consulting firm

In an interview with Insider, Jon Henes spoke about starting C Street Advisory Group, a firm that helps CEOs focus on diversity & inclusion.

I struggled being a CEO, so I replaced myself. This is why it was the best decision for me & the company.

In 2020, James Routledge stood down as CEO of the mental-health business Sanctus after four years, handing the reins lớn a CEO he appointed.

SpaceX is launching its first all-civilian space mission tomorrow — here's what the flight means for the future of space tourism

Four civilians will set off lớn orbit the Earth for three days — they've sầu spent months training for the trip, and no astronauts will be on board.
FedEx và UPS are making changes that are upsetting the status quo và driving new players, and millions in venture capital into lớn package delivery.
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Georgia GOPhường Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan says buổi tiệc ngọt leaders pushed restrictive election laws 'because they got scared': book

"If our các buổi tiệc nhỏ wants a future where it can win majorities, it needs ideas & policies that can capture the hearts and minds of a majority," he said.

A pregnant woman who was kicked in the belly by the Taliban has been released from Afghanistung, US rep says

The woman, identified only as Nasria for safety reasons, said the Taliban was "hunting Americans" by going door khổng lồ door looking for xanh passports.

Georgia GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan: 'Hate poured in' after I said 'President-elect Biden' on television

"People wanted to lớn rip my head off. Friends disappeared or became rabid enemies overnight," Lieutenant Gov. Geoff Duncan said in a new book.

Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who once said 'bad fajitas' were worse than COVID-19, has tested positive and says she's in 'so much pain'

The right-wing activist said in December 2020 that she wanted lớn prove that she'd had "bouts of food poisoning that are more serious" than COVID-19.
"Lucifer" recently returned for its final season và quickly became Netflix's most popular show of the week.
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