Specialize in là gì

khổng lồ study or work on a particular subject or skill more than any others, so that you become an expert in it:
to lớn offer a particular product or service more than any other, usually so that you have sầu a good reputation for this hàng hóa or service:

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to change or develop in order to suit a particular environment or situation, or to lớn persize a particular function:
Embryonic stem cells begin lớn specialize and move sầu through the toàn thân khổng lồ develop organs such as the heart, bones và skin.

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specialize in sth The bank has hired a trader lớn specialize in Southeast Asian & Latin American currencies.
The generating extension takes the values classified as static as parameters & returns the source program specialized with respect to these values.
The remaining fourteen had moved into lớn private enterprise, mostly with firms specializing in the field of their former ministries.
The authors hypotheform size that không tính phí trade allows developing countries to lớn specialize in goods that are intensive sầu in their relatively abundant factors: labor và natural resources.
Such inquiry requires that scholars interested in state-building & policy development engage with the work of those who specialize in political behavior.
For instance, in 1946 one specialized female worker earned practically the same as an unskilled worker.
However, the lachồng of status of this speciality evidently "rubs off" on lớn students, so impeding commitment for many to lớn specialize in this area.
Except for temporary financial support, all these formally recognized needs belong to well-established government agencies specializing in different domains.
In contrast, market-based systems favor new ideas with high profit opportunities, and should therefore be comparatively specialized in new industries with disruptive sầu technological change.
For instance, a higher-order filtering function can be specialized according khổng lồ the filtering predicate in addition to lớn the element type of the filtered danh sách.
In the second phase, the data collection included 70 expert nurses who at the time of the study were specializing in tissue viability.
Examples of intermediate goods include component parts, specialized machinery, and specialized labor services.
In such cases, the customers could be financial investors, typically private equity funds, specialized in high-risk investments.
The " factories " of crystalline material are comprised from seemingly specialized mitochondria & rough endoplasmic reticulum elements.
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