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the degree of comfort that people in a particular social class, country, etc. have sầu, và the number và types of products and services that they can buy:
a basic/comfortable/decent standard of living Most people are failing lớn save sầu enough to provide them with a decent standard of living in retirement.
The aim of a modest-but-adequate budget is to provide a standard of living which meets basic needs & allows participation in community activities.
Both a household strategy & decisions by particular individuals to improve their standard of living tài khoản for these patterns.
The death of a spouse was a substantial threat lớn the standard of living of household members & to the existence of the household itself.
On each of these dimensions there were certain tasks which were important for older people in being able to lớn maintain a decent standard of living.
But, as this particular notion of sustainable development is concerned only with the current standard of living, it is not easy khổng lồ defover.
However, when a country has attained a sufficiently high standard of living, people give sầu greater attention lớn environmental amenities.
In short, it would appear that the annual standard of living, revealed through the price of grain, plays no part in matrimonial decisions.
Early neonatal mortality appears khổng lồ be a more sensitive index of standard of living & health conditions of a society.
Consistently, industrial profit-markup inflation increases, in general, during recessions, exacerbating output contraction despite the reduction in workers" real standard of living.

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Second, if having more lvà increases their standard of living they may draw on loans to lớn increase the kích cỡ of their holding.
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