The Android version of the classic shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game called CSGO mobile is now officially released by Valve Corporation. You can download the APK tệp tin of this game for không tính phí on

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Introduce about CSGO Mobile

Development history of Counter-Strike – the monument of the shooter games

If you are a bạn of shooting games, you probably already know Counter-Strike, which has become a monument of the shooter game series for more than 20 years. In 1997, Gooseman, a Canadian programmer, created a gian lận for Quake called NAVY Seals. After completed NAVY Seals, Gooseman went on lớn develop a mod version of Quake 2, và it is believed to be the predecessor lớn today’s Counter-Strike.

In 1999, Gooseman và his associates continued to lớn develop a thủ thuật version of Half-Life, the Valve’s shooting game is very popular. This version quickly attracted a large number of players khổng lồ join thanks lớn the fast và attractive sầu gameplay. Valve bought this version and invited Gooseman khổng lồ work for their company. Versions of CS were released shortly thereafter, culminating in versions of CS 1.0 (October 2000) và CS 1.6 (September 2003). Up khổng lồ the present time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sầu is the most complete version of CS with the gameplay và graphics upgraded lớn the maximum. The game also hosted a lot of major tournaments with many professional teams.

How to lớn play CSGO thiết bị di động on Android phones?

There were quite a few problems porting a complex PC game like CS: GO to lớn a version for mobile phones & tablets. This game requires a lot of player manipulation. Just a little difference in movement is enough khổng lồ distinguish a good player from a normal player. However, CSGO mobile did a great job in this aspect. The game’s console is quite intuitive sầu. If you have ever played other shooting games on Smartphone, you will quickly master it. The basic virtual keys are located on either side of the screen like a joystiông xã, reload bullets, shoot, exchange weapons, alặng (when using xạ thủ guns).


There are 5 types of moves in CSGO thiết bị di động, including jumping, sitting, walking, standing và running. In particular, walking slowly helps you not reveal footstep sound when moving. In addition khổng lồ helping you get past some obstacles or jump khổng lồ some better position to lớn aim, jumping also helps you lớn appear unexpectedly to lớn the opponent’s awper. However, when you shoot while jumping (jump shot), your firing ability is not high.

How is the graphics of CSGO mobile different from the original version?

If we only look with the naked eye, we can see that there is hardly a lot of difference between CSGO mobile & its original version on PC. Environments, people, guns, everything are designed with sharp & detailed 3D graphics through Unreal Engine giải pháp công nghệ. Movement và viewing angle is relatively smooth, making it easy khổng lồ control on the screen of a điện thoại device. These factors greatly affect the unique of your shooting, so the game always tries to optimal to lớn the maximum.

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Like the PC version, CSGO sản phẩm điện thoại requires your device khổng lồ have sầu good graphics configuration in order to play this game smoothly.

Guns & equipment

The gun system of CSGO điện thoại is the same as the original version. Meet the familiar guns of the CT side such as M4A1, AWPhường., USP.., FAMAS, P250, Desert Eagle… và AK-47, familiar weapons on the T side. Besides, you can buy some additional equipment such as armor, helmets, quiông xã defuse bombs.

Bombs are the factors that 3D the strategy for the game CS: GO. With 4 types of bombs that have sầu become a trademark of a shooting game, players can collect information together with their teammates, force the opponent lớn occupy important positions, obscure the enemy team’s vision… Learn strategies from experienced players, professional CS: GO teams lượt thích Astralis, Natus Vincere or G2. They have created many extremely effective Smoke throwing tactics, you should learn those tips, tactics to control the map more effectively.

Some modes are available in CSGO Mobile

Currently, CSGO di động has only Bomb Defuse mode. If you’re a new gunner and don’t know the rules of the game, I will take a look at it. The ten players are divided inlớn two teams, Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist. The terrorist side must set up the bomb & keep it exploding. On the contrary, the Counter-Terrorist side needs to lớn prsự kiện the Terrorist from placing the C4. If the bomb is already placed, the Counter-Terrorist team will need khổng lồ defuse the bomb before the bomb explodes to win the round. As a secondary condition, if one side kills all members of the other side, they also win.


Some other modes like Team Deathmatch, Zombies are still not available in the di động version. We need lớn wait for these modes lớn be updated in future updates.

Some maps you can play

Dust 2MirageCacheInferno

Download CSGO Mobile APK for Android

Many prominent shooting games such as PUBG, Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty, Half-Life have sầu developed a sản phẩm điện thoại version to lớn dominate this market. The games above sầu have sầu all achieved some success, & we also hope that the di động version of the best shooting game all-time, CSGO sản phẩm điện thoại will soon reach its status. You can download the APK tệp tin of this game via the liên kết below.