Founded in 1985, Takechú ý is Cornell"s only professor approved, supplemental note taking service. Our mission is khổng lồ provide Cornell students with high-quality lecture notes to help them master their course material. We take our promise of high-chất lượng seriously, so we only publish notes that help students make valuable connections & tell the story of the lecture content.

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Step 1

Purchase a live subscription through the Cornell store online or in stores. Cornell card and bursar accepted! Chechồng the "Courses" page for a danh mục of available live notes và reprints.



STEP.. 2

Log onlớn www.redshelf.com, our online reading platsize, và enter the code on your receipt lớn access your notes. Access your notes from your computer, tablet, or phone.


step 3

Each mix of new notes is uploaded to Redshelf by Sunday morning at the lachạy thử. Lecture notes are organized by weeks for ease of access. Happy studying!


We can not provide high chất lượng lecture notes without first having skilled & dedicated notetakers. We hire our notetakers through a comprehensive application và training session. Our editors then grade và supplement the work of the notetakers.

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STEPhường 1

All interested applications submit an application,their college transcripts, & schedule for next semester. Applicants agree that, if selected, they commit to being a notetaker for the entire semester.



The general managers personally select the most qualified notetakers & editors from the applicant pool. These prospective sầu employees then undergo a thorough training process led by the general managers.

STEP.. 3

Once classes have sầu begun, notetakers submit notes to the general managers. Editors evaluate the work of the notetakers and general managers reviews all notes before uploading them.

Pedro BobrowApplied Economics và Management, 2020

Pedro is a sophomore studying Applied Economics and Management. As the co-manager of TakeNote, he is committed lớn increasing the on-campus reach of the business & providing excellent customer service.Through Student Agencies, Pedro is looking forward lớn applying his classroom knowledge in the business world while also interacting with members of the Cornell community. He hopes to lớn work in innovative ideas to lớn improve sầu the business and keep it growing. Outside of Student Agencies, Pedro is a member of the Sprint Football Team, Club Tennis, Tamid Group, & Vizer Consulting. In his free time, he enjoys working on his entrepreneurial ventures và watching Shark Tank.




Caroline Najjar Industrial and Labor Relations, 2020

Caroline is a sophomore in the Industrial Labor Relations School. As the co-manager of Takecảnh báo, she is committed to providing excellent customer service và building TakeNote’s brand on campus. Through Student Agencies,Caroline is looking forward to lớn interacting with different members of the Cornell community và developing her professional skills. She hopes lớn learn practical business skills & gain real world experience.Outside of Student Agencies,Caroline is a member of Society for Women in Business, the Tab, ILR Sports Business Society,Cayuga’s Watchers, & is a member of Delta Gamma.In her không tính tiền time, she enjoys playing soccer, reading, và watching television.