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In the Clip above sầu you can see -- and hear -- how grand the company"s vision for the future of timekeeping was.
Yet despite this promise, radio-controlled timekeeping these days is mostly relegated to nightstand novelties.
Challenged & ignored on every continent well into lớn the 20th century, modern timekeeping did not simply emerge; it had to lớn be imposed.
Rhythmic expression of key genes is essential for maintaining proper timekeeping of the body"s clock.
By that standard, the concept has existed for more than a century -- ever since the first chronographs added a handy stopwatch lớn their timekeeping capabilities.
We have to lớn remember that the first timekeeping devices, things like sundials, were dictated by the sun and the stars, as is time khổng lồ this day.
There is currently a large international push to lớn find a method of even better timekeeping, though exactly which one will prevail is yet lớn be seen.
Scientists have sầu created an optical lattice atomic clochồng so sensitive sầu that its timekeeping is affected by gravitational changes due to height differences of as little as 2 centimeters.
Besides the fact that he is a manic, authoritarian control freak who believes every problem can be solved with an obsessive, man-imposed regulation -- particular with regard khổng lồ timekeeping.
In earlier studies, scientists have sầu tweaked animal clocks so that they quickly adapt to lớn new time zones, but their regular time-keeping duties always suffer as a result.
Not only did they discuss timekeeping and orientation practices in the same terms, but they also discussed them in immediate proximity.

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