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The beta program with the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) và rich mix of productivity capabilities is coming in summer 2021. Sign up lớn be notified of the lachạy thử product news and DeepStream 6.0 availability. SIGN UPhường

Build & deploy AI-powered Intelligent Video Analytics apps and services. DeepStream offers a multi-platsize scalable framework with TLS security lớn deploy on the edge and connect to any cloud.

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There are billions of cameras and sensors worldwide, capturing an abundance of data that can be used to generate business insights, unlochồng process efficiencies and improve sầu revenue streams. Whether it’s at a traffic intersection to lớn reduce vehicle congestion, health & safety monitoring at hospitals, surveying retail aisles for better customer satisfaction, sports analytics or at a manufacturing facility to lớn detect component defects- every application demands reliable, real-time Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).


Powerful và Flexible SDK

A unified SDK suitable for a multitude of use-cases across a broad set of industries.

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DeepStream is also an integral part of Metropolis, the platsize for building end-to-kết thúc services & solutions that transsize px & sensor data khổng lồ actionable insights.

Achieving Higher Accuracy & Real-Time Performance Using DeepStream

DeepStream offers exceptional throughput for a wide variety of object detection, image classification & instance segmentation based AI models. To reduce development efforts và increase throughput, cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.coms can use highly accurate pre-trained models from Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) và deploy with DeepStream. The following table shows the end-to-end application performance from data ingestion, decoding, image processing to lớn inference. It takes multiple 1080p/30fps streams as đầu vào. cảnh báo that running on the DLAs for Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier frees up GPU for other tasks.


Use bi-directional IoT messaging capability to lớn trigger specific event recording usingDeepStream