a : conduct or behavior towards another The actor requires careful treatment. … he always treated people with whom he disagreed with utmost civility & never allowed his scholarly predispositions to interfere with respectful treatment of students holding differing views. — LSA Bulletin

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b : the action or manner of dealing with something (such as a topic) often in a specified way … the best & most comprehensive sầu treatment of American foreign oil policy that has so far been written.— Burton I. Kaufman … cinematic treatments of organized crime as GoodFellas, Godfather III & Miller"s Crossing.— Ralph Novak … most of us readers assume that this conflict of interest is the reason PC Magazine reviews of Microsoft products are softball treatments that in no way reflect the actual experiences of users, who are plagued with constant program crashes.— Joseph Kristl
c : the action or way of treating a patient or a condition medically or surgically : management and care to lớn prevent, cure, ameliorate, or slow progression of a medical condition treatment of accident victims palliative treatment of inoperable cancer treatment of a blocked artery infertility treatments treatment of diabetic patients also : an instance of treating a patient or medical condition patients requiring numerous chemotherapy treatments Removal of the skin growth required a single treatment.
d : subjection of something khổng lồ the action of an agent or process sewage treatment It is the most economical và practical method of purification & treatment of water.— Business Insider (online) a wastewater treatment plant
2a : a therapeutic agent, therapy, or procedure used to treat a medical condition Placebos—medical treatments that contain no active ingredients—have sầu triggered an outbreak of controversy … — Science News
b : something (such as a product or technique) used in treating, enhancing, or improving the performance, condition, or appearance of someone or something exfoliating skin treatments He cares about the condition of hair, invents treatments as well as styles, và has brought out a special hair-care sản phẩm made of bone marrow. — Vogue Regularly apply a waterproofing treatment suitable for the boot whether it be normal leather, nubuck or suede.— Rodney Chester Wainscoting is paneling that lines the lower part of the walls in a room. This decorative treatment usually goes as high as chair rail height, but can be raised higher for a more elegant wall treatment.— Denise Freese

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a : the provision (such as by a store or restaurant) of the goods or services associated with a visit, fee, or order The party received special treatment at the restaurant. "If you want luxury goods, then walking into lớn a Gucci or Prada or Cartier và getting the full treatment & sitting on the cushy leather banquette is part of the experience," says freelance writer và fashion aficionada Lisbeth Levine.— Robin Givhan
b : a pattern of actions (such as the bestowal of gifts và favors) designed to lớn reward, encourage, or convince … he has been getting the standard treatment of cocktail parties, press interviews và giao dịch with advertisers … — Time In those early days, Ford was invited to the White House by the natty, peppery Harry Truman, who wanted $5 million lớn renovate the crumbling building. Ford got the full treatment, with amateur architect Truman pointing out sagging floors & the laông chồng of closets. Truman got his money.— Hugh Sidey
c : a pattern of actions (such as insults or physical punishment) designed khổng lồ punish or persuade —used especially in phrases like get the treatment and give (someone) the treatment When asked what XiaoMI said, he stated: "Loosen this guy up for us. Make sure he has a bad night. Make sure he gets the treatment."— Los Angeles TimesSome of the cops at the station house were ready lớn take hyên ổn inkhổng lồ a baông chồng room and give sầu him "the treatment" for passing himself off as one of them.— William McGowanInstead, the press corps closed their minds & treated dissenters lượt thích pariahs lớn coerce conformity. NBC News got the full treatment when it dared to break ranks.— Michael Goodwin
We want khổng lồ ensure equal treatment for everyone. The law requires humane treatment of prisoners. It"s a complicated issue that requires careful treatment. The book"s treatment of this important issue is unimpressive. Previous treatments of this topic have ignored some key issues. The patient required immediate medical treatment. She is receiving treatment for cancer. The drug has been approved as a treatment for AIDS.
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Recent Examples on the Web Whitelaw, the Harvard professor, told me that onigiri (rice balls) were the first traditional foods here lớn receive the conbini treatment. — Thủ đô New York Times, 1 Aug. 2021 The unions’ concern, says Southers, is all about due process—making sure officers get fair treatment when being investigated for misconduct. — Taylor Avery, USA TODAY, 31 July 2021 Olympic organizers said two people among the 198 were receiving hospital treatment. —, 30 July 2021 Merritt’s mother, Hildegard Damper, told The Oregonian/OregonLive last week that her son flew to lớn Portlvà from Arizomãng cầu about two weeks before he was shot, hoping khổng lồ go lớn a shelter or get drug treatment. — oregonlive, 30 July 2021 An officer who was injured also received treatment at a local hospital & was later released, police said. — Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times, 29 July 2021 The high school student had been seeking treatment in Floridomain authority since July 17, when he was struông xã by lightning just three feet away from the rest of his family during a beach day on Marteo Island. — Gabrielle Chung,, 29 July 2021 Medvedev received medical treatment & had his chest massaged while leading 5-2 in the opening mix but then held his serve in the next game to cthảm bại it out. — Andrew Dampf, Star Tribune, 28 July 2021 Medvedev received medical treatment and had his chest massaged while leading 5-2 in the opening phối but then held his serve sầu in the next game to cđại bại it out. — Andrew Dampf, ajc, 28 July 2021

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