5 Bootable Windows Pe Iso To Boot, Recover And Repair Windows

Windows users usually have sầu at least one Windows rescue disk available, which is a bootable tool in recovery environment. In this environment, there is a number of tools to fix issues on Windows computer or simply diagnose the problem. However, there are also many recovery discs, based on Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE). This disc has the same working environment, great hardware support, as well as enough tools for you to fix the system.

What is Windows PE?

Windows PE, standing for Windows Preinstallation Environment, is a lightweight version of Windows 10 with limited features. You can use it khổng lồ perform a recovery operation, install full version of Windows 10, copy disk, or repair the system. If you have a Windows PE disc available, it can work with all Windows 10 versions from Home lớn Enterprise.

But, there is a downside here that WinPE can not be used as a primary operating system. It"s created to temporarily replace MS DOS environment that is loaded from USB flash drive sầu, DVD disc, etc. The standard Windows PE version works with all Windows apps, drivers, disks, computer management tools, và so on.

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How Does Windows PE Work?

After you know what Windows PE is, let"s talk about how it"s working. Unlike DOS, Windows PE works with TCP/IP, drivers, etc, making it more advanced over MS DOS. Basically, here are some components creating this environment.

NTFS file system tư vấn. Support several drivers for 32 or 64 bit version, depending on PE version. Offer a great tư vấn for sharing files through TCPhường IPhường networks. Imitate Windows PE from media like USB flash drive sầu, DVDs, DS and so on. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) option available.

How WinPE Works (Including How lớn Boot inkhổng lồ Windows PE)

Step 1: Insert Windows PE DVD or USB in the computer và change computer boot order in BIOS.

Step 2: The BIOS loads the boot sector and Boot Configuration Data (BCD) will give the information related to lớn computer hardware.

Step 3: Wait for the control to pass Winload.exe, which is inside Boot.wyên. Once it loads all the necessary boot drivers, Windows PE is loaded as well.

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Step 4: You computer will load Ntoskrnl.exe cộ kernel và then mix up the environment. When done, Session Manager (SMSS) will control all the operations. Any registry tệp tin will be loaded so that it can configure the environment.

Step 5: The important services will get started, including security subphối. To run a setup, you need lớn use "HKLMSYSTEMSetupCmdLine" registry. The setup.exe pháo file will be opened so that you can start the Windows installation.

Step 6: if there is no tiện ích executed, Windows will automatically run Winpeshl.exe tệp tin khổng lồ persize the command: startnet.cmd. It"s a default commvà to run Wpeinit.exe.

Step 7: After you run all files, wait for the boot process to complete. You can then use Windows PE features as your preference.


3. Hiren"s BootCD PE

Hiren"s BootCD PE is already a well-known and popular Windows rescue disc. It"s an all-in-one bootable disc, along with number of tools that can help you recover from password recovery, trương mục management và so on.

The original version of Hiren Boot is a Linux environment. However, it no longer receives updates from 2012. Hiren"s BootCD was then developed inlớn a Windows PE rescue disc last year. You can find a lot of open sources as well as miễn phí tools that are familiar & works well with Windows environments.



30+ không tính phí tools available. Based on Windows 10 x64. Tutorials & tricks available worldwide.

Hiren"s BootCD Windows PE Download

2. Kyhi"s Windows Recovery PE

It has another name, also known as Bootable PE Rescue Disk, which is a Windows 10 recovery tool with a custom Windows PE environment. Kyhi, a user of TenForum has integrated a system restore & numbers of recovery tools inside Windows PE environment. You can find many substantial tools for virus removal, disk repairing, backup & recovery, admin tool và many more inside this recovery drive sầu.

While the developer of this recovery drive, Kyhi, has paused releasing recovery disc ISOs, you can still tải về the initial 2017 build from the link below.



Packed with a bunch of không tính tiền tools . No need khổng lồ build the PE manually. Simple and clean user interface..

Kyhi Windows PE Download

3. Gandalf Windows 10 PE

There is usually an update released for Gandalf Windows 10PE x64 every two-three months, which means that the recovery tools will support the latest version.



200+ không tính tiền tools integrated.. Frequently updates. Come with a set of useful tools based on Linux.

Gandalf"s Windows 10 PE x64 Download


Windows PE is a must tool for emergency cases. Usually, a reputable Windows PE has all the neccessary tools lớn solve sầu all kinds of problems such as data recovery, system restore, partition errors. Piông xã up the ones you lượt thích in above suggestion and make a resuce disk for future usage by burning the WinPE ISO file to lớn USB or DVD.