Before Scheduling & attendance are separate. It"s hard khổng lồ make good labor decisions in the moment. Scattered data. After Everything integrates together. Ops teams can see forecasted labor & demvà data. Better decisions get made.

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300,000 people use khổng lồ power their business.

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Most HCM software offers a smorgasboard of tools, but their scheduling & attendance just feels off — it"s "one-size-fits-all", unituitive khổng lồ use, & doesn"t scale in the long run.

For 10 years we"ve given our undivided attention khổng lồ building scheduling và attendance for frontline teams with 200+ staff. We vị one thing, và we vì chưng it well.

With custom BI reporting, demand-driven scheduling, & live labor cost insights, we help ops teams make decisions that actually improve the bottom line. helps you reduce labor spend, & increase profitability across your business. It"s as simple as that.



We help thousands of businesses through our software — we also retìm kiếm & write about management. is built off years of research into lớn compliance, automation, and productivity. Stay on top of issues affecting modern cheap-kenya-vacation-tips.coms, and start making better decisions.

Businesses get more out of work using

Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and frachises have all switched to lớn khổng lồ radically re-think employee schedules, labor costs, time và attendance, & payroll.

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"Love being able khổng lồ log in from anywhere and see who"s there - when they came, when they left. I"ve sầu never seen it before."

— Dickie O"Reilly, Managing Partner, Spyder

"For me it"s a revolution. Implementation was very good, và in two weeks we have sầu trained everyone to use the platkhung."

— Aerie Albaz, COO, Domino"s Israel

"Each manager would probably have sầu saved 2-3 hours a week. Wage costs have dropped."

— Natasha Laidler, MyHealth Medical Group

"We were using paper-based timesheets, which was a problem. Now it’s just streamlined."

— Myriam Freer, Pennwood Aged Care

"Freed up so much time for my leaders lớn actually focus on the projects that make us money & are better for the business."

— Chris Tankard, Culture & HR Manager, Ferguson Plarre

"We don’t have lớn get people involved when someone can’t make their shift. It basically allows us khổng lồ automate it all."

— Jordan Grives, CEO, Fonebox

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