I've sầu played tons of Zyra tư vấn and happened lớn think about trying her as ad (probably adc or even a solo top) just for fun. Checked online và yes, there are some build guides, mainly focusing on her cc with E và R và slowing plants & being able to lớn harass loads all through the game. Honestly I just want khổng lồ do this because I lượt thích her tự động hóa animation, would be cool lớn have it bởi vì a lot of damage.

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So, just curious if anyone has tried it & how did it work out? Don't tell me it's a bad idea, I'm fully aware và by no means planning khổng lồ vì this seriously.


Hmmm I play a lot of Zyra & I can't see running AD over AP being worth it. When you run MP.. runes and build Sorcs/Liandrys/void you get 35% + 54 Mp which is more than enough lớn be doing true damage to lớn most non tank/bruisers.

I have sầu played a lot of top/bot Zyra before and I still run AP. I still prefer tư vấn as I can carry the game hard from there as well. I also couldn't count the number of time I have sầu picked up kills when I have died & my plants are still doing work and if you run AD you thảm bại a lot of that damage.

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I just see the benefits of AP.. out weighing the benefits of the AD.

Just read the bottom :p If it's just for fun then go for it! Run IE và Hurricane and stop some bitches :p glhf!

Ahh lol I was already getting annoyed since I think I made clear I wasn't serious about it và AP. is clearly the most effective way to build her, then read the bottom of your bình luận. :D Thank you!

I used khổng lồ vày this when I could get away with it. ARAM, weekend modes, and the lượt thích. Where I'm less likely to get screamed and & reported. It was a lot more fun bachồng when Triforce had some APhường. in it. The current hybrid options all feel a little lackluster to lớn me lately.

You can solo baron in 10 seconds lol. I went ie, shiv, berserker's, rageblade, runnan's, and bork. Have 2-3 ulted plants tanking it and you'll melt through it. The thing is, her plants will still do decent damage, you'll have sầu amazing self peel while you auto everyone snared / ulted khổng lồ death. The early game is definitely weaker và sub-optimal, but it's surprisingly rewarding mid-late. I'm sure with enough experimenting you can find a perfect balance of runes / masteries to make her early laning decent as well. All in all, as troll as this may sound, I think it could work well.

I actually did this in Twisted treeline a couple days ago, though I wasn't playing very seriously, just picking up fights khổng lồ find out if I could win them or not. We lost, but I did by far the most damage in the game, and surprisingly the ap part of that was still really significant, even though I was building only ad (did tons of ad too though). Definitely will try another time. Now that I've sầu got my mastery seven, I can vị whatever I want right? :D